Hello and Welcome!

I’m Manju Malik. A certified Dietician, Wellness Coach, Home Chef and founder of Food Fitness & Fun.

My aim is to help you eat better, relish cooking and stay inspired to enjoy the journey of health fitness and weight loss.

My intention is to keep you educated and empowered with knowledge, recipes, and programmes to help you cultivate the confidence required to take action with personal support. We’ll help you stay fit & healthy to lead a happy life.

My motive is to teach you to use basic eating guidelines and eat healthy without having to count calories at every meal. The idea is to ensure that you enjoy food while staying healthy.

My Mission is to help you be Fit & truly Healthy

There are five areas related to fitness which are covered here.

Eating :- All my recipes are simple & are designed to help you eat healthy on a daily basis. I believe food apart from being nutritionally dense should also taste good. This ensures that we not only enjoy our food but also improve its nutritional absorption in our body. You’ll find a balance of health and taste in my recipes.

Nourishments :- I impart information on healthy ingredients, food nutrition, food groups and super foods that are easily available and should be added to diets to make them wholesome and healthy. 

Diet Plans :- I believe in natural and home cooked food made with ingredients that are easily available while including food from every food group. There are a lot of diet plans available on all platforms. The key is to find and follow the one that suits your requirement. I work on diet plans which are sustainable in the long run. My dietplans are tailor made for different requirements and are scientifically proven. 

Workouts :- Eating healthy is important but to stay fit regular workouts are a must.Being physically active is the key to gain strength, agility, stamina and growth stimulation of metabolic tissues. Our fitness experts share there views and routines with us. 

Lifestyle :- Right food and regular workouts are one aspect of fitness. Anwholesome approach is needed to achieve wellness of body, mind and soul. Which is why we need to have a wholesome approach towards wellness. We aim to create and recommend a simple and productive daily routine cultivating and nurturing self love and peace of mind. 

Work with me to improve your total fitness :- I work with men and women who want to make long term, sustainable health changes and develop healthy eating habits to maintain a good body. My coaching style will help you make changes in your lifestyle to attain a sound body without too much pressure.

Be sure to subscribe to my channel Food Fitness & Fun on You Tube where iupload videos for an easy, simple and practical approach to fitness, healthy eating & lifestyle. I share lot of recipes, general information on food & fitness and other important aspects that can help you realise your health and fitness goals.

My journey into health and fitness started at a very young age. Growing up in adefence family background, I always had a love for sports and fitness. I also started to grow interest in cooking from an early age. I learnt most of my trade craft experimenting in the kitchen. 

I took my passion for fitness to the next level by becoming a professional athlete      (Long Distance Runner) at the age of 14. I represented Delhi at National level thrice. Studies then became priority and I joined the Delhi College of Arts and Commerce at the Delhi University. Few years down the line I became a Sports Journalist. Being around and interviewing some of the most well known Indian and International Sports personalities (Dhoni, Sachin, Virat Kohli, Sushil kumar, Vijender Singh, SaniaMirza, David Warner to new a few) gave me a new insight into health and fitness.

Sports give me an opportunity to take a deeper look into nutrition and diet. However, it was only after leaving media and becoming a mother that i decided to take Nutrition more seriously and pursue it as a career. I received my certification in Nutrition and Dietetics. I got the opportunity to study Sports Nutrition separately at VLCC and attended various National and International workshops on Food and Nutrition. Within no time, Food, Nutrition and Healthy Eating become my passion more than profession. I am currently a member of Nutrition Society of India. I am also perusing my ACE certification as a Health Coach.

The combination of these studies paired with a lifetime of personal experience has empowered me to guide others into their journey towards health, nourishment and total fitness. 

Thanks for taking out time to know me and for being here. I hope you gainknowledge and ideas about being truly healthy and fit. I hope you enjoy the recipes and meal ideas as much as i enjoy sharing them with you.