Ready to Eat and Healthy Veg Oats Breakfast or Snack Without Oven or Microwave.

Welcome back to another Healthy Ready to Eat Oats Breakfast or Snack which can be made without an oven or microwave. It is super easy to make hassle free treat for all age groupsIt can be also be identified as Oats carrot appe or muffins recipe. It is a very healthy, yummy and nutritious completely

4 Ingredients Probiotic Breakfast.

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that assist keep your body healthy and functioning properly. This beneficial bacterium aids you in a variety of ways, including fighting off bad bacteria when there is an excess of it and making you feel better.This recipe which is traditionally called Mango Shrikhand does the job for you. With a splendid

High Protein Sattu Choco Bites

If you have a sweet tooth like me, but doesn’t jump onto desserts because of guilt, then this is the recipe you need to have a look at.“High Protein Sattu Choco Bites” is amazingly delicious and nutritious at the same time. It is loaded and jam-packed with the goodness of ingredients rich in protein, fiber,

Dairy Free Chocolate Ice Cream; No Milk, No Banana, No coconut.

Healthy Ice-cream? Does that even exist?Yes, it does!This dairy free chocolate ice cream is jam-packed with the goodness of some amazing ingredients, prepared without much time and efforts, and can be enjoyed and consumed in moderation in these scorching summers. HEALTH BENEFITS Enhances mental performance.It aids in bone strengthening.Helps in weight loss.Blood sugar levels

High Protein Sattu Energy Bites (Vegan and Sugar free)

Here is another interesting, sweet, and nutritious “Sattu” recipe. Sattu is one of the prominently used ingredient in summers due to its beneficial cooling properties. These “Sattu Energy Bites” can be a treat for those who have a sweet tooth. These bars are high on energy, brilliant in taste, and can be consumed guilt free

Dairy and Sugar Free Ice Cream for Weight Loss | Weight Loss and Hormonal Balance.

My most favorite part about summers is “ICE-CREAM”, and why not?Nobody resists, at least I can’t.But whenever we have it, we have it with a pile of guilt, but you don’t need to worry about it anymore.We got your back!Here is the very tasty, delicious, and nutritious Guilt free Ice-cream. HEALTH BENEFITS Helps in

Phool Makhana Custard; (No Cream, No Sugar)

Phool Makhana is a nutritious ingredient, and its consumption fulfils the requirement of many micronutrients and is healthy option for snacking too.So, it deserves diversification!So, we brought you up another interesting, healthy and yummy phool makhana recipe. Health Benefits Good for the gut health.Helps in reducing blood sugar levels.Makes you feel satiated.Gives an instant

Super Healthy Oats Brownies; Ready in Just 2 Minutes.

Cravings for brownie has a separate level, agree or not, there is nothing like a tempting piece of brownie!But we have to resist it due to the obvious unhealthy composition. What if I tell you that brownies can be tempting, yummy, healthy and nutritious, all at the same time?Yes, your read that right. This “Oats

Healthy Oats Cupcake

If you are someone who frequently craves for sweets, and is bound to eat healthy, then this is a recipe for you.This recipe is a proof that how sweet and delicious recipes can be made up of all the healthy ingredients and can be extremely nutritious. Health Benefits Aids in weight loss.Helps in controlling

No Bake Oats Cookies Recipe

If you are someone, who wants to binge onto something healthy for the day, and are too lazy to bake, then this is exactly what you will love!These are the tempting and deliciously nutritious “No bake Oats Cookies” prepared with minimal ingredients and yet so tasty and healthy. Health Benefits Aids in weight loss.Loaded