All About Paneer

Hello everyone, hope all of you are doing good and are keeping healthy and happy. The key to weight loss is following a right and nutritious diet. Paneer is rich in healthy fats and protein and very low on carbs. No wonder, it is regarded as an excellent food for weight loss and diabeties. However,

Winter Weight Loss Powder

Hello everyone, hope all of you are doing good and are keeping healthy and happy. This article is all about 100 % natural homemade winter weight loss powder mix that will tackle the stubborn belly fat. You can enjoy this powder with tea, milk or even smoothies. When it comes to weight loss, herbs found

One Week Detox Diet Plan

Better digestion and nutritional absorption along with the liver’s and kidney’s efficient processing of toxins are absolutely critical for great health. That’s the reason why this one week cleansing detox program can be a powerful tool to rejuvenate your body and skin from inside out. The key is to ease yourself into the program. This

Which Cooking Oil Is Best For You

Choosing the right oil to cook is not an easy thing. When it comes to fat and oils, we are spoiled for choice. Supermarket shelves are heaving with every conceivable options. But are all these oil good for you. It is imperative that we know what makes a oil healthy and suitable for you. Ideally

Jaggery and Weight Loss

In ayurveda, jaggery has been used since ages to help treat a wide range of health problems including anxiety, migraines, indigestion, cold, flu and fatigue. We’ll discuss in this article about the benefits of jaggery and if it is good to eat for weight loss. We’ll also discuss about the possible side effects of consuming

Weight Loss Challenge

2 Weeks November Weight Loss Diet Plan

Hello everyone, hope all of you are doing good and are keeping healthy and happy. Have you taken up our november festival weight loss challenge to maintain and lose weight! If yes, here is the two weeks Indian vegetarian diet / meal plan to help you achieve your festival weight loss goals. With this diet

Turmeric For Weight Loss

Turmeric is one of the most common and popularly used spice. It is widely used in the Indian cuisine to get that pleasant yellow colour in the dishes. This spice has been used for hundreds of years for medicinal, antixidants and anti inflammatory properties. A number of studies have shown the benefits of turmeric for

All About Giloy

Giloy is an ayurvedic herb that has been used and advocated in Indian medicine for ages. Giloy is also known as ‘Amrit’ which literally translates into ‘the roots of immortality’ because of it’s abundant medicinal properties. Giloy is also known as Guduchi. Giloy since ages have been used in ayurvedic medicine, naturopathy and even in

Flax Seeds For Hormonal Balance And Weight Loss

Flax seeds are another miracle seeds which are mostly consumed in the winters. These tiny red seeds have magical effect on your hormonal balance, weight loss, immunity, hair growth and skin. These seeds are extensively mentioned in ayurveda for being beneficial in many health conditions including postpartum. However, a vast majority of people don’t know

Amaranth : The Best Grain For Women

Amaranth which is also known as chaulai, rajgira or ramdana in India is an ancient grain which has gained huge popularity off late. Amaranth as a grain has a very impressive nutrient profile and has been associated with a number of health benefits. Here in India it is mostly consumed during Navratri fasting because Amaranth