Red Lentil Tofu salad

Today I’m sharing my innovative Dal or lentil Tofu Salad with tangy lemon dressing is my new go-to vegan salad recipe. With simple ingredients and a lot of flavour, this salad is great for healthy meal prep or an easy healthy lunch or dinner. In this recipe I am using my homemade Masoor Dal or

Sattu cold coffee smoothie

Looking for a Quick & Healthy Sattu Breakfast Recipe for summers. Learn How to Make nutritious Creamy Sattu / सत्तू Cold Coffee Smoothie Drink. Nothing is much more exciting than making instant coffee and enjoying it cold, especially in these drilling summers. But wait, what if we get some nutrition along with this yummy glass

Beetroot Sattu energy bars

Today I’m sharing a very innovative healthy summer ready to eat snack or breakfast bars recipe. Try and enjoy Sattu Beetroot Energy Bars Recipe. Learn How to Make Quick Healthy High Protein Roasted Chana / सत्तू Bites Snack. These are Healthy and nutritious easy to make Sattu Energy bars. High Protein Quick & Easy Summer

21 Days No Sugar Challenge 

Myth: You Don’t Have a Sugar Problem Sugar is everywhere, most packaged foods have sugar in them  The Dietary Guidelines advises no more than 3 tsp of visible added sugar in any farm like gud honey etc., for an adult daily. Hidden Name of sugar mostly ending with “Ose”:  Maltose         

3 ingredient Vegan Ice cream

Today I’m sharing my recent favourite homemade 3 Ingredient Vegan Ice Cream. With temperatures rising to new highs in north India I am literally obsessed with this one now a day. It has zero sugar and No cream. And you know what it’s healthy and Nutritious. This wholesome ice cream has decent amount of protein


These High protein Tofu vegetable Appe is a mouthwatering breakfast dish. It’s a meal that sets the tone for the day, and it better be good. When we think of a healthy, flavorful and satisfying breakfast, South Indian cuisine immediately springs to mind.


Today I am sharing a High Protein high fiber Lunch or Dinner meal, i.e., “Quinoa Paneer bowl” which is very easy and quick to make for Weight Loss. Quinoa is a pseudo-grain and has an ultimate protein profile as it includes all the essential amino acids required by the body. This recipe is a summation


I am sharing Naturally sweetened and vibrant carrot beetroot detox smoothie plus soothing ginger. High in beta-carotene, vitamin C, and essential minerals! Ingredients: Beetroot-1 Carrot-2 Dates-3 Ginger-1 inch Rock salt-1 pinch pepper powder-1 pinch Coconut milk:150ml (diluted in 80 ml water) OR Coconut water Ice cubes-6-7 Directions: Steam Carrots beetroot ginger and dates for

Korean Style Indian Pancakes

This recipe is easy to adapt, and perfect to start your day. The pancake is crisp and crunchy on the outside and chewy yet soft the inside. Plus it’s kids approved and a treat to have.

Filling low calorie foods

Adding these low calorie foods to your daily diet will complement your overall health. But it does not mean you should consume only these foods and nothing else! Health improves best when you eat a well balanced meals. Which contains all the nutrients your body requires.