My Top 5 Healthy Cooking Utensils

5 Healthy Cooking Utensils

There are so many types of cookware that are available in the market that searching for the right one can prove to be a tedious job. I’ve shared my top five healthy cooking utensils which i use for healthy and smooth cooking.

1. Stainless Steel Cookware

  • What to look for in a good stainless steel kadai
  • Make sure that it is 100 % nickel free
  • Check the safety ratings of all stainless steel utensils. They should be 100 % safe with no toxins
  • Sandwitch base in these stainless steel utensils provides for faster and even heating
  • The grip of the utensil should be comfortable in the handle
  • The utensil must have a lid. This lid should ideally be made of shatter resistance tempered glass
  • There should be seal heat moisture for faster cooking
  • The utensil should support safe, nutritious and healthy cooking
  • It should be suitable for any cook top
  • It should be long lasting and durable
  • Always check the utensils for the requisite safety standards

2. Cast Iron Cookware

  • Things to look for in a good cast iron pan
  • It should be totally toxin free
  • It shouldn’t have any PTEF, PFDA and harmful chemicals
  • It shouldn’t have any lead or cadmium
  • No synthetic or enamul coating should be present on the pan
  • The core construction should be 100 % made of iron
  • The pan should be pre seasoned
  • It should be suitable for all cooktop
  • Should be durable (life time warranty)

3. Clay Cookware or Earthenware

  • Things to look for in a good clay cookware
  • It should totally be toxin free
  • Should be made from 100 % primary clay
  • It should have no glazing (leaches lead)
  • Should be suitable for all cooktop
  • It should come with a lid and handle
  • Check for the certification from the brand
  • Should be pre seasoned

4. Pure Ceramic Coating Cookware

  • Things to look for in ceramic coating cookware
  • Should be PTFE and PFOA free
  • This cookware is also called as green cookware
  • It should be toxin free
  • Should be high heat resistant (no leaching)
  • Avoid ceramic glaze
  • Should be free from lead and cadmium
  • Pure ceramic cookware is generally less durable
  • One should ideally use wooden spoons for pure ceramic cookware

5. Glass and Pure Ceramic for Oven and Microwave Cooking

  • Glass and pure ceramic pans, trays and bowls are the best for otg and microwave cooking
  • Avoid using plastic or aluminium for cooking or heating

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  1. Manju Ji, please let me know the make of ss pan which has double handle. In most of your videos you are using the same pan. So please show the make of the pan as I want to purchase and I am waiting for your reply.
    Thanks once again for your channel.

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