Healthy Mango Sattu Smoothie

 Hello Everyone, sharing another healthy breakfast smoothie recipe for all mango lovers out there, Mango Sattu Smoothie. Sattu is roasted chana flour that is high in protein and fibre. Hence this Smoothie has good amount of protein and fiber, and is the best way to use your mangoes this summer. This Mango sattu Smoothie is

Super green Overnight Oats

Start your morning with these matcha overnight oats for the perfect boost of energy! Combining nutritious, filling ingredients with the health benefits + antioxidants content of matcha, you will LOVE this easy ready to eat Make ahead breakfast. All you need to make these matcha oats are simple ingredients like oats, choice of milk, chia

Choco overnight oats

When someone asks me for an easy, healthy breakfast idea, overnight oats is the first thing I suggest. It’s perfect for busy mornings, as you can make it ahead of time and take them on the go. It’s also satisfying enough to keep you full till lunch, made with simple ingredients like oats, chia seeds,

Red Lentil Tofu salad

Today I’m sharing my innovative Dal or lentil Tofu Salad with tangy lemon dressing is my new go-to vegan salad recipe. With simple ingredients and a lot of flavour, this salad is great for healthy meal prep or an easy healthy lunch or dinner. In this recipe I am using my homemade Masoor Dal or

Sattu cold coffee smoothie

Looking for a Quick & Healthy Sattu Breakfast Recipe for summers. Learn How to Make nutritious Creamy Sattu / सत्तू Cold Coffee Smoothie Drink. Nothing is much more exciting than making instant coffee and enjoying it cold, especially in these drilling summers. But wait, what if we get some nutrition along with this yummy glass

21 Days Weight Loss Challenge 

Lose weight, boost digestion and Look half your age Quit sugar for 21 days  Quitting sugar can lead to overall improved health.  Foods and drinks rich in sugar content are often in high calories but low in nutrition, by cutting out sugar can reduce your overall calorie intake making it easier to maintain a

21 Days No Sugar Challenge 

Myth: You Don’t Have a Sugar Problem Sugar is everywhere, most packaged foods have sugar in them  The Dietary Guidelines advises no more than 3 tsp of visible added sugar in any farm like gud honey etc., for an adult daily. Hidden Name of sugar mostly ending with “Ose”:  Maltose         

How to Use Walking for Weight Loss? 

Walking is an Easy & Effective way for improving Activity level. Walking is a great form of physical activity that’s free, low risk, and accessible to most people Walking is easy on your knees and other joints Walking is great for Heart, Mood, Metabolism, Digestion & Bone Density Ways to improve Walking to Break

3 ingredient Vegan Ice cream

Today I’m sharing my recent favourite homemade 3 Ingredient Vegan Ice Cream. With temperatures rising to new highs in north India I am literally obsessed with this one now a day. It has zero sugar and No cream. And you know what it’s healthy and Nutritious. This wholesome ice cream has decent amount of protein

High protein, low carb vegan dinner stew

You’ll love this High protein Low carb dinner meal, it’s creamy, filling and highly nutritious. It’s protein packed thanks to soy paneer and Rich in Fibre to boost your gut health. I’ve loved stew ever since I was in my teens. It’s a simple way to combine the goodness of multiple foods into one dish.