Green Tea for Weight Lose : Benefits and Myths

Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world after water. All types of tea, except herbal tea are brewed from the dried leaves of the tea plant. It is the level of oxidation of the leaves that determines the type of tea. Green tea is made from unoxidized leaves and hence is one of the least processed types of tea. It is for that reason, that green tea contains most antioxidants and polyphenols. A number of variants of green tea are available, it is however important to know which one is better to consume. Studies have shown that green is beneficial for a number of ailments and has positive effect on weight loss, liver disorder and diabetes.

What makes up Green Tea?

  • Green tea contains a number of minerals and herbs some which are :
  • Linolic acid
  • Quercetin, arginine
  • Amino acids, enzymes
  • Chlorophyll, carotenoids
  • Calcium, magnesium, manganese, copper, zinc
  • Apart from this green tea contains bioactive compounds and phyto chemicals which are good for health
  • Green tea has 30-45% polyphenols by weight
  • 60-80% catechin i.e EGCG
  • It also contains 50-100% more antioxidants than vitamin C and E

Benefits of green tea

  • Contains antioxidants including EGCG which are extremely good for the body
  • Increases fat burning and boosts metabolism
  • Reduces untimely appetite and allows fat oxidation
  • Green tea mobilises fatty acids from fat tissues and makes available in blood to be used as energy. This is the reason why green tea is a wonderful pre workout drink

Additional benefits

  • It helps reduce the chances of heart diseases
  • Lower the risk of type 2 diabetes
  • Boosts and supports immunity
  • Is extremely good for digestive health
  • Fights UTI, depression and stress
  • Acts as a anti inflammatory agent
  • Studies have shown that green tea may be beneficial for reducing certain types of cancer
  • Kills bacteria for dental health
  • Can be used for good skin, acne, sunburn, wrinkles and dark circles (as a pack, scrub or toner)
  • Good for hair growth

Why choose good quality green tea?

  • Low quality green tea contains excess amount of tannin, fluoride and other harmful contents
  • Good quality tea will have more amount of polyphenols (EGCG)
  • Good quality green tea has no preservatives and is not machine picked

Reasons to use herbal green tea
Leafy green tea Tea bags

  • Good quality whole leaf-Mostly dust, twigs and fanning
  • More aroma and nutrition-Less aroma and nutrition
  • Less bitter and astringent-More bitter and astringent
  • Safe to consume-Many additives and preservatives
  • No additivesand high grade-Typically very low grade
  • Less processed-Mass production and more processed
  • Healthy to use-Bags made PVC, nylon puts toxinswhich are potentially carcinogenic

How to make good green tea

  • Take one cup (150-175ml) water and bring it to boil (80-100C)
  • Add 1 tsp leafy green tea
  • Swith off heat and infuse
  • You can also use a diffuser to make green tea on the move or while in office

Green tea and improved brain functioning

  • Green tea acts as a nerve stimulant
  • It is better than coffee (no jitters)
  • Protects brain cells
  • Increases secretion of neurone
  • Improves memory, vigilance and reaction time
    To reduce the side effects of caffeine, you can add herbs like basil (tulsi). You can also add lemon grass and fennel

Things to remember

  • Don’t drink green tea with or immediately after meals
  • Don’t drink green tea empty stomach
  • Do not boil the tea. 80-100 C is perfect temperature for green tea
  • Don’t steep or brew for too long
  • Have up to three and on a average 1 or 2 cups daily
  • Use only good quality green tea
  • Avoid using tea bags
  • Don’t add more a drop or two of lemon juice in your green tea

Who should avoid

  • Pregnant women should having green tea
  • Kids and teenagers should avoid it
  • Avoid having green tea post sunset
  • People on medication must consult physician prior to using green tea
  • People with iron deficiency, peptic ulcers, anxiety disorders and liver problems should also avoid green tea
  • If you have gas or acidity
  • People with dry skin and dry body

Green tea is extremely useful for your health. But it is not a miracle weight loss agent. It does boost your digestion, immunity and metabolism. However, exercise regularly and supplementing your diet with all kinds of good food and nutrients is the only way to achieve good health.

Enjoy your cup of green tea. Stay Happy Stay Fit !!

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