High Protein Vegetarian Soup

We always observed and experienced that soups are categorized as appetizers because they help you when you don’t feel like eating. They make it easier to surge your hunger so that you don’t skip meals. Also, it benefits when you are sick, and lets you enjoy food in liquid form without spending much effort on either making or consuming it.

As our meals should be balanced and nutritious enough, the same rule goes for the soup. This “Moong Dal Soup” is a wonder for the people suffering from fatigue or weakness or those who don’t feel like eating at all. It consists of moong dal, some of your favorite veggies, and seasonings. And you are all done.

Moong dal is one of the best protein-rich plant sources with multiple health benefits. When combined with your favorite veggies, it not only becomes tastier but healthier too.


  1. Aids in digestion and prevents constipation and bloating.
  2. Helps in weight loss and weight management.
  3. Reduces blood pressure.
  4. This high in antioxidants recipe may avert heat stroke.
  5. It may help lower bad LDL cholesterol levels.


COOKING TIME:  10 minutes

TOTAL TIME: 15 minutes

Serves: 1

Calories: 146 Kcal/ serve


1.Overnight soaked whole moong dal½ cup
2.GingerSmall Piece
4.Cumin Seeds¼ tsp.
5.Water2.5 cups minimum
8.Seasonings (Chilli flakes, oregano)Pinch
9.Black PepperPinch
10.Pink saltPinch


  1. You can include or exclude veggies as per your choice and availability.
  2. You can add your favorite seasonings as per your taste.


  1. In a mixer, add a small piece of ginger, chopped tomato, and grind well.
  2. In a pan add little oil and some cumin seeds.
  3. Add the tomato ginger paste to the pan and stir well.
  4. Add a little water and cover it with a lid.
  5. Now, add moong dal to a mixer and grind well into a paste.
  6. Add the moong dal paste to the pan.
  7. Once moong paste is added make sure to whisk well and add water gradually.
  8. Keep the flame on low to medium heat while cooking the soup.
  9. Cover it with a lid for some time.
  10. Now, as the soup is almost ready.
  11. You can add chopped veggies, seasonings, and spices of your choice to make it more delicious.
  12. And your “Moong Dal Soup” is ready to eat!


  1. If you need to add water at the later stage for a smooth consistency, then make sure to add hot water only to avoid lumps formation.
  2. Cook on low to medium heat.


Soaked Moong Dal is a rich source of essential amino acids. It is known to be one of the best plant-based protein-rich sources. Moong dal beans are essentially a rich source of important vitamins, minerals, protein, and fiber.

Vegetables such as tomato, corns, and capsicum, etc. are a great source of fiber to the meal. Not only fiber, but it does also provide essential vitamins and minerals to the body.

146 Kcal89 g37 g4.8 g

Calories: 146 Kcal/ serve

Try this appetizing “Moong Dal Soup” today and enjoy its wonderful taste and nutrition served.

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