10 Min Arms Workout At Home

Hey guys, hope all of you are doing well. This is an article about at home arms workout. This simple yet intense home arm workout can be done without any equipment and will help you get rid of the extra fat on your arms.

Exercise 1

  • Stand straight and stretch out your arms sideways to shoulder height
  • Keep your palms pointing outwards and stretched
  • Gently rotate your shoulders to loosen them
  • Now push your hands up and down from the shoulders
  • Along with up and down, also make a C with both of arms by rotating them inwards and outwards
  • Carry out 5 reps of each alternately
  • To increase the difficulty level slightly, you may bend your knees a little and continue with the same exercise
  • Point your toes slightly outwards while doing the exercise

Exercise 2

  • Stand straight with your legs comfortably apart
  • Get both your hands together and join them from the elbow to wrist
  • Now move the hands up and down with up being closer to your face and down away from your face
  • Do this slowly
  • You can squat while doing this exercise for better results
  • Take your hands as low as possible
  • Continue this exercise for 45 seconds
  • Breath out while taking your hands down

Exercise 3

  • Squat your knees gently
  • Stretch your hands behind your back at an angle of 45 degree
  • Now move your arms in a criss cross fashion
  • Look straight while you do this exercise
  • Continue this exercise for 45 seconds

Exercise 4

  • Stand straight with your hands bend from the elbow in a muscle flexing way
  • Now move your arms up and down from your elbow
  • After 5 reps, move your arms up and down from your shoulders with your hands pointing towards the ground in the down motion
  • Maintain your posture and stance while you do this exercise
  • You can relax your shoulders in the middle if you get too tired
  • You can squat and do this exercise for better results

Exercise 5

  • For this exercise, squat your legs a little bit
  • Now join your hands behind your back and start with up and down motion
  • Be gentle to ensure you don’t hurt your shoulders
  • Keep your neck straight during this exercise
  • Keep your core tight. This exercise will workout your thighs and legs as well

Exercise 6

  • Stand straight with your legs comfortably apart
  • Open out your arms and make a circle
  • Clap when your hands join on top of your head and then again behind your back
  • Keep your posture straight

Exercise 7

  • This exercise is an combination of two exercises
  • Raise your hands till shoulder height and fold them upwards from the elbows
  • Repeat the up down motion and then join your hands from elbow to fists in front of your face
  • Coordinate and start slowly first
  • Keep repeating this motion for 45 seconds

Exercise 8

  • Stand straight with your legs comforatbly apart
  • Get both your hands together below your navel and join them
  • Move them up and down in repetitive motion
  • You can squat and continue this exercise
  • Flip your hands when they reach above your head

Exercise 9

  • Stand straight and join your hands from elbows to palms
  • Move both the hands up and down in vertical motion
  • Make sure your hands move vertical and are not slanted
  • Breath out when your hands move up

Exercise 10

  • This exercise is for your wrists
  • Keep your hands straight and stretched till the shoulders
  • Fold one palm downwards and one upwards while keeping the shoulders straight
  • Keep repeating this motion
  • You can squat while doing this exercise
  • This workout will help strength your wrists

Before you finish, stretch your arms behind your back and in front of the body as well

2 thoughts on “10 Min Arms Workout At Home

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