22kg Weight Loss Transformation with PCOD

Hope all of you are keeping safe, healthy and happy. Being overweight does not just bring criticism but also lowers your energy, immunity, health and confidence. 20 year old Charu felt the same because of her weight. The decision to change her lifestyle was sudden but not an easy one. Taking tiny steps at a time, she managed to lose 22 kgs in on year. What’s commendable is that she learnt to enjoy the process and did not feel burdened because of her expectations. Let’s ask her a bit more about her transformation.

What changes did she make in her lifestyle

Cutting Off White Sugar

  • Charu avoided refined sugar from her diet
  • There were no exceptions and she followed this for the entire year
  • Despite having a sweet tooth, Charu persisted and her hard work paid off handsomely

Time Restricted Eating

  • Charu followed the time restricted method of eating
  • Starting slowly, she gradually followed the 15 : 9 method and now comfortably follows the 16 : 8 method
  • This provides ample time for her digestive system to work efficiently

Reading / Getting Informed

  • Charu started reading fitness and health books
  • She did this to empower herself, to have the correct info and make changes which suited her body

Balanced Diet

  • Her main mantra in this journey of weight loss was to follow a balanced diet
  • Concentrating on all food groups was the key
  • Along with all food groups she controlled the portion size of all her meals
  • She included  probiotics, detox water and herbal tea in her diet
  • Charu followed the healthy platting method of eating  to get maximum nutrition out of her diet

10,000 Steps

  • Along with a balanced diet, Charu made sure that was exerting herself physically
  • A target of 10,000 daily steps was the goal. Charu didn’t sleep unless she completed this target daily


  • Apart from the 10,000 steps, Charu took charge of her workout
  • Working out on all parts of her body daily 5-6 times a week yielded results
  • Charu included cardio / weight training / zumba and yoga in her workout regime


  • After a good day’s workout, it is imperative for the body to get fully recovered
  • Charu made sure that she gets 08 hours of sound sleep daily

How different does Charu feel now

  • She feels more confident about herself
  • There is no stress about how she looks
  • Her output and outlook towards life has changed drastically
  • Charu’s stamina has increased manifold and even her immunity is much better than earlier

What advice does Charu want to give to others

  • Don’t lose hope
  • It’s never too late to start your journey towards fitness
  • Everyone’s body is different, don’t judge or compare yourself with others
  • Have confidence in your abilities
  • Eat healthy, work out and the rest will follow

What is doing in the present lockdown to stay fit

  • Charu is continuing with intermittent fasting
  • The level of intensity and time for workout has increased as she has more time now
  • She concentrates on avoiding junk and eats really healthy
  • She is trying to learn more about fitness to improve further

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  1. I’m a 29 year old female with 144kg height 161cm..I started IF 2 weeks back and have reduced 5 kg…I workout for 3hrs a day…But now I’m stuck..don’t know what to do..pls help me out.mm

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