Weight Loss Transformation at Home

Hope all of you are keeping safe, healthy and happy. Losing that unwanted weight is not an easy task, especially when you’re over 40 years of age. But with dedication and hard work anything is possible. 44 year old Sonia Bindra is a story of perseverance and strong will power. With her story she has indeed become an inspiration of all her family, friends and our you tube family. She started her weight loss journey at 75 kilos and she is at a healthy 62 kilos now. Let’s see what did she do to lose this unwanted weight and be where she is right now.


  • With age all of us tend to lose muscle weight and gain fat
  • Sonia Bindra however decided to take on the challenge head on
  • With age we all need to concentrate more on our body
  • The fear of putting on unwanted weight and reaching a point of no return was the key motivation for Sonia Bindra

What did she do

Take out unnecessary junk from your diet

  • She watched the mindless snacking
  • This was after she realized that all these calories indeed add up
  • If you cut out 100 unhealthy calories in a day, you lose half a kilo in a month

Cutting out high calorie ingredients

  • Sonia understands that staying fit and healthy is 70 % diet and 30 % exercise
  • She removed the high calorie condiments and sugars from her diet
  • Instead she switched over to herbal tea / detox water and other healthy and delicious snacking options, she took inspiration form the channel and followed our recipes
  • These recipes included all meals, snacks and various other healthy food options


  • Exercise is key
  • 150 minutes of activity in a week is crucial for your health
  • Even during lockdown, she kept a schedule and earmarked place for her workouts
  • She followed the HIIT workout and other workout videos which are available on the channel

Anticipated temptation

  • If you know you can’t resist something unhealthy, don’t get it in the house
  • This is a simple mantra which Sonia followed

Intermittent Fasting

  • Sonia has been religiously following the intermittent fasting regime
  • She has gradually improved her eating and fasting window
  • Doing this, Sonia has ensured that her digestive system gets sufficient rest to work efficiently

Nutritious food

  • Apart from watching the portion of food she ate, Sonia concentrated on eating healthy
  • More nutritious food in lesser quantity improved her gut and her over all health

Be Accountable

  • Knowing that you alone are responsible for your actions is very important
  • More often than not, we look for excuses to not do a difficult thing
  • Being in charge and finding a way to achieve your goal is the key to success
  • Sonia with her hard work and dedication has achieved something she always craved
  • We hope her story is an inspiration to all our viewers

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