Best Hormonal Balancing Food For Women

Methi is one of the best hormonal balancing food for women. There are numerous health benefits which one can accrue from consuming methi. Sprouted methi is even more beneficial as compared to normal methi. Sprouting enhances the nutritional profile of methi seeds manifold. Germination also makes methi seeds softer and easier to digest. Post germination, methi seeds have more powerful antioxidants. Sprouting methi facilitates the slow release of glucose in blood stream and prevents the sudden spike in the blood sugar levels.

How to sprout methi dana in less than one day


  • 1 tbsp organic methi dana
  • 1.5 – 2 cups water
  • Cotton or muslin cloth


  • Wash and rinse methi dana once or twice
  • Soak the seeds in water, cover and let it rest for 4-6 hours
  • Strain the water out of the bowl
  • Place a cotton cloth in the bowl
  • Add the soaked methi seeds and sprinkle some water
  • Cover the seeds with the cloth completely
  • Sprinkle some water on top as well
  • Leave overnight or maximum 14 hours to sprout
  • Store the leftover sprouts in fridge

How to consume methi sprouts ?

  • Add the sprouted methi to sabzi, salads, soups and stews
  • They can be slighty cooked but avoid overcooking them
  • These methi sprouts are best to be consumed any time of the year except for monsoons

Benefits of sprouting methi dana / fenugreek

  • With sprouting, normal food becomes living food
  • Sprouts are high in nutrition
  • Sprouting enhances the nutritional profile manifold (30 – 40 %)
  • It doubles the vitamin A content
  • Vitamin B content increases 5-10 times more
  • Level of vitamin C increases
  • Germination makes methi seeds softer and easier to digest
  • Post germination the quantity of antioxidants increases in the sprouts
  • Sprouting facilitates the slow release of glucose in the blood stream apart from preventing sudden spike in blood sugar levels
  • Reduces the anti nutrients present in the seeds

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