1400 Calorie Veg Diet Plan

This Indian diet plan is a part of our September weight loss challenge. It is designed to help you achieve the pre festive season weight loss goals. This diet plan is meant for maintaining a balanced and nutritious diet throughout the month. It contains food from all the important food groups, it is simple and yet highly balanced and easy to follow

Highlights of September weight loss diet challenge

  • What to eat
  • 40 % veggies per meal (semi cooked)
  • 25 % quality protein per meal
  • 10 % healthy fat
  • High protein snacks
  • Drink water 30 minutes pre and post every main meal
  • Other things to follow in September
  • Have 5-6 small meals
  • Have your dinner at least 3 hours before going to bed
  • Follow intermittent fasting (minimum 14 : 10)
  • Eat with PFF method
  • Do weekly detox once a week (avoid grains, pulses, nuts and seeds)

What to avoid completely in the month of September ?

  • Zero processed food
  • Zero packaged food
  • Zero refined sugar and refined flour

2 weeks diet plan

  • Start your day with 2 glasses of luke warm water, followed by methi seeds water
  • You can break your fast with fresh seasonal fruit or handful of soaked nuts and raisins
  • Enjoy any seasonal fruit or mid morning snack
  • Have handful of roasted chana, grains, murmura, phool makhana as evening snack
  • Find recipes for all of these on our recipe channel ‘ FitFoodFlavours’

Week 1

Mon2 medium / small instant moong dal and oats dosa with veggies and coconut chutney1 medium bowl quinoa veggie salad and raita1 cup dal soup, pumpkin sabzi, salad and 1 roti
TueRagi carrot malt smoothie1 cup chana dal with 1 roti, 1 cup veggies and curd1 medium bowl mix vegetable dalia
Wed DetoxMultivitamin juice (sweet lime carrot and pomegranate)Mix veg saladVegetable stew
Thrus1 katori mix veg poha with 1 cup steamed veggiesLow fat paneer rice vegetable pulao1 cup moong dal soup grilled with vegetable and 1 roti
Fri2 small besan chilla with veggies and green chutney1 cup kala chana sabzi with 1 cup veggies and 1 roti1 cup tomato rasam, bhindi sabzi, 1 ragi roti and veggies
Sat1 katori vegetable upma with veggies1 cup dal, 1 roti, 1 cup sabzi and 1/2 cup raita1.5 bowl multigrain dalia vegetable soup
Sun2 paneer toast (whole wheat bread)Love meal1 medium bowl mix veg lentil soup

Week 2

Mon2 medium / small instant moong dal uttapam with veggies and coconut chutney1 medium bowl boiled chana veggies salad and fresh curd1 ragi roti, 1 cup paneer capsicum sabzi and veggies
TueOats chia smoothie made in curdLobia curry, veggies, roti and curdSweet carrot dalia
Wed DetoxMultivitamin juice (sweet lime carrot and pomegranate)Mix veg saladVegetable stew
Thrus2 medium ragi chilla, veggies and coconut chutney1 medium bowl soaked moong dal rice, veggies and 1/2 cup curdGrilled low fat paneer / tofu (80 grams) with veggies
Fri1 dal / paneer parantha, veggies and makhan1 cup rajma, rice, veggies and curd1 medium bowl multigrain vegetable khichadi
Sat1 katori oats upma with veggies1 ragi roti / raggi mudde, dal and veggies1 paneer roti wrap with veggies
SunHomemade granola (6 tbsp) and milkLove meal1 bowl mix veg lentil soup

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  1. Hello,
    I am Kairavi Dedhia and wanted to have consultation with you regarding my diet.
    From 6 months I have seen many YouTube videos and tried to reduce my weight from 64kgs to 53 kgs.
    But now my weight is increasing. I don’t know how. I am walking and doing exercise but still there is no improvement in weight loss.
    So wanted to have a conversation with you so that you can guide me properly.
    I hope you receive my email and you will reply soon🤞.

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