Best Protein Source for Vegetarians/Vegans for Weight Loss in Winters

Horse gram, commonly known as Kulthi, or hurali is a bean used in hilly regions of India.
It is considered as one of the “Best Protein Source for Vegetarians and Vegans for Weight Loss”.
Horse gram is the most protein-rich, and fiber-rich lentil found on the planet.
It is grown in Uttarakhand, in the north eastern parts like Sikkim and Darjeeling in states like Himachal, Tamil Nādu, and Madhya Pradesh. It is more commonly known as “Madras gram” as well.
Kulthi is loaded with excellent proportion of nutrients including protein, carbohydrates, essential amino acids, iron, phosphorus, and vitamins such as carotene, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, and vitamin C.

Basically, it was common food for horses and cattle. It is high-powered and hence it is used as feed for horses before the races to provide instant boost of energy.
The US National Academy of Sciences has identified this legume as a promising food source for the future.
Not only nutrients, Horse gram is a storehouse of polyphenols, flavonoids, and potent antioxidants that keeps your body strong, vibrant and young.
As per the traditional manuscripts, horse gram has the power to heal any health issue such as asthma, bronchitis, leukoderma, urinary discharge, kidney stones and heart ailments.

Horsegram Nutritional Value

100 gm of horse gram contains:

Protein23 gm
Fiber5 gm
Carbs57 gm
Iron7 mg
Calcium287 mg
Phosphorus311 mg

Ayurvedic Properties of Horse Gram

As per Ayurveda, Kulthi has a Vata-Kapha balancing property that helps to reduce the symptoms of cough and arthritis.

  • Potency: Warm
  • Quality: Dry
  • Taste: Astringent

Health Benefits Of Horse Gram

  1. It is being used in many Traditional Medicines.
  2. It promotes glowing skin.
  3. It helps in controlling Diabetes.
  4. It promotes Weight Loss.
  5. Improves Sperm Count
  6. It helps in protecting Liver Functioning.
  7. It also helps in detoxification and purifying blood.
  8. It is also known to treat Kidney Stones.
  9. It aids Urinary Discharge.
  10. It keeps you warm in winters.
  11. It is considered good for the bones as it’s high in Calcium, phosphorus, iron & protein.
  12. It also helps in controlling Menstrual Problems. As it is used in many traditional medications for hormonal balance to treat POCD/PCOS.
  13. It aids digestion and helps prevent constipation.

How to Use/Consume Kulthi/Horse Gram?

  • It can be consumed as sprouted or boiled.
  • It can be taken as a health drink made with the ground powder of the horsegram.
  • It can be consumed with the traditional Indian dishes like dals, soups and salads.
  • You can also make a Chutney of horsegram.
  • Or, you can make a Curry as well.
  • You can also consume it by simply Stir frying it.

Horse Gram Possible Side Effects

  • Horse gram contains phytic acid which is an anti-nutrient – But if you soak, sprout or cook horse gram seeds before putting them in your food, the phytic acid content is significantly reduced.
  • Avoid the intake of horse gram and other pulses when suffering from gout or uric acid.
  • Avoid or Consume horse gram seeds moderately during pregnancy,
  • Do not take horse gram-based food items in case you are also ingesting shilajit, an ayurvedic concoction.
  • For the people suffering from hyperacidity and gastric ulcers, horse gram seeds should be avoided as it can worsen the case.
  • Avoid horsegram during excessive bleeding in menses.
  • The other side effects also include consuming medications for anemia. This might lead to a contraindication.
  • If you are suffering from TB or plethora, eliminate horse gram seeds from your diet list.
  • It is important to know that Kulthi contains a specific type of carbohydrate called raffinose oligosaccharides, which may cause gas and bloating, especially when eaten in large amounts.

Do try this miraculous pulse, mindfully to obtain the best possible health benefits and nutrition.

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