Does Desi Chai Have Any Benefits

Can we drink desi chai to support weight loss. Is Indian chai healthy ? We look to answer these questions in this article. Let’s see what are the reasons for desi chai not being considered healthy.

Basics about desi chai

  • Black tea has flavonoids, types of antioxidants called theaflavins and thearubigins
  • A cup of black tea contains roughly 30-80 mg caffeine
  • Caffeine can promote lipolysis, which breaks down fat and stimulates cycles that metabolises fat
  • Black or green tea has approx 20-30 calories in a cup, however, the regular chai with whole milk contains 150-200 calories
  • Tea in ayurveda is considered a rajasic food (stimulant of mind and body)

What do you need to do

  • Don’t let chai / tea become a addiction
  • Milk tea if consumed at a inappropriate time can cause acidity, bloating or indigestion
  • Due to incompatability of milk protei casein and tea antioxidants, the effect of tea antioxidants reduces
  • Add Indian herbs and spices to increase the antioxidants levels in your chai
  • Spices should be added as per season, region and your body type
  • Adding holy tulsi can reduce the side effects in many ways
  • Add herbs and spices like fennel, nutmeg, ginger or cardamom

Health benefits of chai with spices

  • Tea is loaded with antioxidants
  • It boosts immunity and metabolism
  • It relaxes the blood vessels
  • Tea is good for the brain, it stimulates the nervous system
  • It reduces the cell damage and reduces oxidative effects of tea in the body
  • Tea is good for the heart
  • Spices help reduce blood sugar
  • It is anti inflammatory and has anti aging properties

How to consume tea in weight loss ?

  • Always start with adding spices and give a nice boil to the water
  • Add herbs / spices as per the season and your body type
  • Add natural sweetners in small portion instead of white sugar
  • Reduce your serving size
  • Try and develop taste for adding plant milk in the chai

When to drink desi chai ?

  • Don’t combine tea with meal or drink it right after your meals
  • Tannins found in black tea inhibit the absorption of iron, calcium, zinc and many other nutrients from our meal
  • Don’t drink tea immediately after waking up
  • Avoid drinking tea empty stomach
  • Wait for at least 90  minutes to have your first cup of tea
  • Don’t consume tea post sunset
  • Caffeine in the tea stays in your blood stream for a long time which will interfere with your sleep

What should you do ?

  • Go chai free for atleast a week in a month
  • This will help you avoid getting addicted to tea
  • It will also help build your body’s natural ability to work without a stimulant

How much tea should you have in a day ?

  • Consume at least 1 cup and maximum of 3 cups
  • Portion size of the cup however is very important
  • Avoid using mugs to consume tea

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