January Weight Loss Challenge

The first weight loss challenge of the new year. Start your be fit, be healthy and stay strong goals for 2022 with this January weight loss challenge. This challenge includes simple steps that you can adapt at the beginning to start your weight loss goals on a promising note.

Record your measurements

  • Record your starting measurements for the year
  • Also include your current health condition in the record
  • Include the following parameters as well in the record
  • Weight
  • Neck size
  • Biceps
  • Waist
  • Thighs
  • Hips
  • Maintaining a record will make it easy for you to track your improvement and if required make necessary changes
  • Get your BMI, BMR and other profiling done
  • If you have any other specific health condition or injury make sure you consult a physician before you chalk out a plan

Educate yourself

  • Before you make a plan make sure you educate yourself on what made you gain weight in the first place
  • There can be a number of reasons for gaining weight
  • Wrong choice of food or eating habits
  • Pre existing medical condition
  • Old injury
  • Stress / depression
  • Hormonal imbalance

Time management

  • Time management is of paramount importance to stay fit
  • Getting your body clock used to the schedule is very important
  • Follow a routine for exercise and eating
  • Save time by restricting your screen time

Have realistic goals

  • It is very important to have realistic goals
  • Trying to lose too much too quickly can be harmful to you

Use a planner

  • Use a planner to record and keep a track of your activities
  • You can use the planner to record your goals and steps that you’re taking to achieve them
  • If you don’t write it down, you’ll tend to forget it

Develop healthy habits

  • Don’t focus on all habits at once
  • Concentrate on 2-3 at any given point of time

Makeover of kitchen, wardrobe

  • Replace unhealthy food with healthy, unprocessed and natural food
  • Make your room more organized and clean
  • Declutter your personal space and wardrobe
  • Invest in good workout and gears

Don’t overburden

  • You did not put on those extra kilos in a day
  • It’s but natural that you won’t lose them in a day
  • Be consistent with your workout
  • Maintain a balance
  • Have a consistent workout routine and plan your meals in time to prepare yourself
  • Live mindfully and in the present

1 thought on “January Weight Loss Challenge

  1. I want to loss my belly fat, it’s increased from first lockdown on 2020.
    Even i try to loss in year 2021, but it’s increased instead of decrease.
    Please guide me for better and fast result.

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