Home Workout For Hip And Thigh Fat

This ten minutes home workout is meant for you to get toned and achieve lean thighs and hips. Some of our lower body muscles are the largest in the body, that’s why training your legs is very imoortant. Working out our legs also provides us with an opportunity to burn a lot of fat. This workout consists of 11 exercises. Perform as many reps as possible, carry out one exercise for thirty seconds, rest for ten seconds and then move on to the next one.

Jumping jacks

  • We start our workout with jumping jacks
  • This is a warm up exercise
  • Jump with your legs stretched outwards
  • Move your hands at the same time
  • Carry out this exercsie for 30 seconds

Donkey kicks

  • Bend down with your arms supporting your weight and keeping your back staright
  • Keep your toes on the ground
  • Now push one leg up at a time
  • While you push up, ensure that your knees stay bend
  • Carry out this exercise for 30 seconds each side

Leg scissors

  • Lie down on your back
  • Now stretch out your legs and move them up and down at a comfortable pace
  • Don’t let your legs touch the ground while you do this exercise

Glutes or hip bridge dips

  • Lie down on your back
  • Now keep your legs flat on the ground and your shoulders on the ground
  • Push your rest of the body upwards
  • You may like to hold the mid section stretched

Beast static hold

  • Keep your hands on the ground
  • Look down and keep your leg weight entirely on your toes
  • Keep your back straight, your knees pointed down
  • Hold this pose for 30 seconds

Sumo squat pulses

  • Stand straight and bend your knees facing outwards
  • Keep your back straight
  • Look straight and move up and down gently
  • These are not squats but pulses meaning you are not required to move down all the way

Leg raise hold

  • Lie down on your back
  • Now raise your legs and hold
  • Raise your legs 90 degrees, 60 degrees and then 30 degrees
  • Hold at these angles for 10 seconds each

Warrior pose

  • Stretch your legs and move towards one side
  • Bend one knee and keep the other leg stretched
  • Now face towards the side and pull your hands upwards
  • Hold on either side for 30 seconds each

Leg raise cycle

  • Lie down on your back
  • Now raise your legs
  • Move them in a cycle like motion
  • Do this for 30 seconds

Squat side kicks

  • Stand straight and keep both your hands on the sides on your head
  • Now try and kick sideways one side at a time
  • Do this alternately on either side

Foot fires

  • Stand straight on both your feet
  • Now move keeping your feet nimble
  • Don’t stop for 30 seconds

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