India’s Top 8 Desi Ghee Brands

Suddh desi cow ghee is the gold mine of nutrients and possesses amazing therapautic properties. This Indian superfood, if consumed in the right quantity can take your health and fitness to the next level. Ghee thus is one part of your diet that should not be compromised with. We often struggle to know and understand which brand of ghee is the best to use. As a result, we end up picking whatever is readily there in front of us, which is incorrect. After a lot of research, we’ve compiled a list of eight top brands of ghee. Pl understand that these brands have been listed basis the research carried out by us and is entirely out personal opinion.

Health benefits of consuming pure desi ghee

  • Promotes digestion
  • Improves bone strength and density
  • Boosts and supports immunity
  • Is very rich in antioxidants
  • Good for intestinal health
  • Improves brain and memory
  • Lubricates joints and intestine
  • Keeps you warm in winters
  • Prevents and cures clogged nose
  • Is  a very good source of fat and energy
  • Decreases glycemic index of meal
  • Keeps constipation at bay
  • Reduces stress
  • Good for heart health
  • Improves eye sight and removes dark circles
  • Good for skin and hair
  • Aids weight loss, boosts metabolism
  • Nourishment of the whole body

How much desi ghee in a day ?

  • Minimum : 1-3 tsp (5 to 15 grams)
  • On a daily basis
  • Best to use as topping on roti, rice, dal, sabzi, saag, steamed veggies

How to choose pure desi ghee ?

  • Cow type
    • Desi Indian cow like Gir, Tharparkar, Red Sindhi, Rathi etc are considered very good
    • Jersey or Holstein on the other hand are considered average
  • A2 / A1 milk
    • Milk has 2 main protein whey and casein
    • Casein further breaks down into A and B
    • A2 milk comes from Indian desi cow and is safe to consume
    • A1 milk on the other hand restricts blood flow, leads to organ issues and reduces immunity
  • Method for making ghee
    • Made from churning curd or milk cream
  • What is the cow feeding on
    • Cows must be grass fed and best is if they are free range
    • Cows should not be kept in captivity and should be allowed to graze on lands freely
    • Other diet should should include ashwagandha, binole etc
  • Organic certificate
    • No preservatives, no fertilisers or hormonal injections
    • Should not have any additives like vanaspati ghee, coconut oil or palm oil
  • Price range between Rs 600 – 1500 /- for 500 ml
  • Packaging of the ghee : plastic bags, tetra packs, plastic bottles or glass bottles
    • It is best to buy glass bottle for increased shelf life and preserving nutrients
  • Books used in our research
    • The ayurvedic self care book
    • Cow keeping in India
    • The goodness of ghee

Top eight desi cow ghee we recommend

Number 8

  • Farm Naturelle A2 cow ghee
    • Available from both breed gir, sahiwal
    • Mixed reviews
    • High to moderate price
    • Not organic

Number 7

  • Norea Organic Sikkim
    • A2 desi cow ghee
    • No breed mentioned
    • Free range grass fed cows
    • Price average, good ratings

Number 6

  • Vedic ghee kesariya farm
    • Desi cow
    • Average to high price
    • Grass fed

Number 5

  • Divya Kamdhenu A2 desi cow ghee
    • Bilona method
    • Grass fed
    • Dantewada
    • Taste and texture is good

Number 4

  • Kapiva Tharparkar A2 desi cow ghee
    • Taste, quality and texture are good
    • Slightly expensive

Number 3

  • Amorearth A2 desi cow ghee
    • Gir cow ghee
    • Most expensive in the list
    • Free range grass fed cow
    • Excellent reviews and rating

Number 2

  • Vanalaya Gir cow ghee
    • Good feedback from everyone
    • We’ve infact have been using this brand for a while and there are no complaints
    • Slightly expensive though

Number 1

  • Gir Organic
    • Maximum reting and reviews
    • Tastes amazing in every form

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