Lose 4 inches; July Weight Loss Challenge .

Season of monsoon is at edge, which makes it more difficult for you to act and stay motivated. Here is a special edition diet tips sequel for you to keep you focused with very simple and easy to follow things in order to not get deviated and stay on track.
This is a time of season change and in this section, we will be primarily be focusing on losing weight, boosting immunity and getting flawless skin.

Challenges to be followed this month are as follows:

  1. Zero processed, street, refined & packaged food. Cutting off these foods overall, but especially this season is a major challenge. As monsoons have another side to the coin too, that is the excessive spread of bacteria and pathogens, so staying careful should be the preference.
  2. No raw food . Raw veggies, sprouts, milk or other dairy products and eggs. Similar to the above point, again the spread of bacteria and pathogens is more from raw food. So, try and prefer to consume food slightly steamed or sauteed over raw.
  3. Consume More bitter food like : Turmeric tea, infused Methi, neem shot, ajwain, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, bitter gourd (karela), jamun fruit, etc. All of the listed food sources are best in boosting the immunity and keeping you well.
  4. Reduce consumption of white sugar, table salt. Apart from the season, it is always said to keep a control over the consumption of salt and sugar, as they can affect the process of weight loss. But particularly in this season, salt intake should be wisely done so as to prevent the chances of salt retention.
  5. Avoid consuming excess rice in the months of monsoon. Rice is one of the food sources that increases water retention, so it is advised to eat and consume moderate amounts of rice in the particular season.
  6. Skip other high water content fruits and foods like watermelon, buttermilk.
  7. Consume corn ( Bhutta), slow carbs and root vegetables to your diet. These foods are known to minimize and reduce the chances of water retention, so adding these foods to your diet is a win-win situation.
  8. Follow the PFF Plating method. PFF method of plating includes Protein, Fiber and Healthy Fat. Consuming a balanced diet with good biological value protein, healthy amounts of fiber and healthy fats such as mustard oil may count beneficial for you.
  9. We’ll continue with intermittent fasting in this month. The fasting window depending on your comfort can vary from 13 – 15 hours.
  10. Lots of Vegetables in the diet. Consume at least 5 vegetables in your diet daily( No green Leafy veggies should be included, as they are more prone to risk of bacteria.)

Activity Challenge for July month.

  1. Do not do more than 30 minutes of continuous cardio as it increases the chances of excertion. Over-exertion often puts your body under physical stress which can compromise you immunity in turn.
  2. Try to include strength training in your schedule 2-3 Times in a week.
  3. Stay Active : Make sure you cover the mandatory 10,000 steps everyday, and don’t stay lazy throughout the day.
  4. Prepare a time blocking calendar for yourself.
  5. Eat and exercise at a fixed time daily. Discipline is the key to everything. If you act as per set timings, your body responds in a more better way to you. If your body knows a particular set timing when you eat, it is estimated to be more active and act nicely and in a more better way.

Social Media Detox Challenge.

Carry out social media detox daily for at least five hours.
Instead of being on your phone, spend time with family or read a book on health or nutrition.
It is very helpful tp boost and improve your mental health along with productivity levels.

Mental Health Challenge.

For the betterment of your mental health, and in order to boost your productivity, you can:

  • Spend some time in morning doing breathwork.
  • Spend five minutes daily lying on the floor with a relaxed body.

Good Sleep Challenge.

As all other factors, sleep is a very important and yet very underrated factor ignored by majority of the people.
After a day’s hard work, it is imperative to get a goodnight’s sleep.
Make sure you get at least 7 – 8 hours of sleep daily.
Keep your sleep curfew to 10:30pm. And make sure to not use phone for at least 1 hour before you sleep.

This is all you can and should do in this monsoon season to make it favorable for you in order to proceed in your weight loss or healthy lifestyle goals.

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