Mangoes: Nutrition, Benefits for Weight Loss

Mangoes: Nutrition, Benefits for Weight Loss

Mangoes are a juicy stone fruit produced from numerous species of tropical trees. It is the national fruit of India. A normal mango tree grows up to 35 – 40 m tall with crown radius of up to 10 m. These trees are long lived, some specimens bear fruit even after a hundred years. Ripe mango fruit varies in size, shape, colour, sweetness and eating quality. Mango is a low calorie fruit that is high in fibre and is a great source of vitamin A and C. Mangoes are a good source of anti oxidants, containing a number of useful phyto chemicals. Let us see what other health benefits can be accrued with mangoes

Nutritional Facts (1 cup, single serving)

Protein:1.6 gms
Fibre:3 gms
Vitamin C:75% RDI
Copper:20% RDI
Vitamin B6:12% RDI
Vitamin A:10% RDI
Vitamin E:9.8% RDI

Apart from this, mangoes also contain Vitamin B5, K, niacin, potassium, manganese, magnesium and folate

Glycemic Index

Glycemic index of a food is it’s ability to increase the level of glucose in the blood. It is measured on a scale or index of 1 to 100. Mangoes have a glycemic index in the range of 45 – 55 which is considered moderate

High Water content

Pantothenic acid in mangoes helps in absorption of iron from food.

  • High water content balances the level of sodium in our bodies
  • Reduces water weight
  • Helps reduce water retention
  • High in electrolytes
  • Prevents heat stroke
  • Flushes out toxins

Powerful Antioxidants

Number of antioxidants in mangoes help immensely in fat loss. All these antioxidants help in detoxification which leads to weight loss. The antioxidants in mangoes are :-

  • Mangiferin (aids in fat burning)
  • Catechins (aids in weight loss)
  • Quercetin
  • Anthocyanins
  • Kaempferol
  • Rhamnetin
  • Benzoic Acid
  • Glutamine acid
  • Gallic
  • Astragalin

Benefits leading to weight loss

Mangoes have a number of benefits which lead to weight loss. Some of these are :-

  • Aids in digestion
  • Activates enzymes
  • Rich in carotenoid
  • Boosts immunity
  • Increases metabolic rate
  • Helps in fat burning
  • High in fibre
  • Low energy density fruit
  • Alkaline body

Apart from this, mangoes have a number of other benefits, which are

  • Prevents asthama
  • Reduces allergies
  • Lower bad cholesterol
  • Aids in healthy heart
  • Good for bones
  • Increases calcium absorption
  • Good for skin
  • Good for hair
  • May prevent cancer

Apart from this, mangoes helps boosts immunity, reduces seasonal disease and allergies

Mangoes for skin and hair

Mangoes are known to be beneficial for skin and hair. Some of the ways in which mangoes are beneficial for skin and hair are :-

  • Helps build collagen
  • Helps in detoxification
  • Assists in cell rejuvenation
  • Can be used as a skin pack or scrub

Eating mangoes in moderation yields best results on skin and hair. Having excess mangoes may on the other hand result in pimples. Mangoes are also known to assist in increasing libido in both men and women

Mangoes as a natural sweetener

  • Can be added in smoothies
  • Can be added in oatmeal and porridge bowl instead of sugar
  • Can be used in pan cakes
  • Can be added in protein shakes
  • Used in pudding
  • Added on top of daliya

Eating mangoes helps curb sugar cravings

How and when to eat mangoes

Mangoes: Nutrition, Benefits for Weight Loss

Mangoes are best eaten in moderation. Some of the points one should adhere to while eating mangoes are :-

  • Avoid having mangoes post meals as dessert
  • Try to have it in the first half of the day
  • Eat it as a snack or in breakfast
  • Try to eat it more as a whole instead of adding it in smoothies and other drinks

Dussehri mangoes which are available a little later than the other mangoes are easier to eat and contain more fibre compared to other mangoes. Raw mangoes also have a number of health benefits

Trick to select mangoes

Mangoes have a number of health benefits but there are people who use carbide to ripen mangoes in a haste. It is very important to not eat carbide laced mangoes

  • Put the mangoes in a bucket of water. If the mangoes sink, they are naturally ripened. If the mangoes float, they have been harvested artificially
  • Check the colour of the mangoes. Even yellow coloured mangoes might be artificially coloured. Black spots and uneven multiple colours are good
  • Black spots mean the mangoes have naturally ripened
  • Taste the mango. Artificially ripened mangoes may cause a slight burning sensation in mouth
  • No juice in mangoes would mean that they are artificial
  • The aroma and smell in natural mangoes is great

Mangoes are a great fruit with innumerable health benefits. However, like all other food, mangoes should be consumed in moderation to enjoy the maximum benefits

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