Skipping / Jump Rope Technique & Benefits to Lose Weight

Skipping / Jump Rope Technique & Benefits to Lose Weight

If you’re looking to add a bit of fun and creativity to your workouts, consider adding Skipping to your routine. Skipping / Jump Rope is an extremely effective form of cardiorespiratory exercise and it doesn’t need more than a little space and some creativity. Anyone who has swung a rope more than 20 seconds would know that Skipping allows your body to burn more calories in lesser time than your regular workout.

Benefits of Skipping

Skipping / Jump Rope Technique & Benefits to Lose Weight

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider jumping rope when looking to change your fitness program.

  1. Jumping rope can increase the elasticity and resilience of lower leg muscles, leading to reduced risk of lower leg injuries. It also helps to tone up your legs.
  2. Skipping provides a full body workout including your upper body, core and lower body.
  3. It tightens your core, thus giving you more strength and stamina.
  4. Jumping rope can help improve your coordination since it’s a cyclic activity. The steady rhythm can help improve coordination between the eyes, feet and hands.
  5. Jumping rope can help improve the cognitive function as it involves learning new motor patterns.
  6. As compared to other exercises, Skipping improves your lung capacity in a faster way.
  7. Adding Jumping rope to your workout will increase the intensity of your workout giving you the opportunity for additional calorie burning.
  8. Since all you need is a bit of space and a jumping rope, Skipping is an excellent option to use while being on the road. It also makes an excellent option for outdoor workout at a nearby park.
  9. As the difficulty level is quite moderate, it generally suits most people and doesn’t need any special skill set.

Skipping will endure maximum weight loss if followed as a program and combined with diet and strength training.

How many calories do we burn while Skipping

There are a few key factors which influence the number of calories burned while jumping rope, these are :

  • Your weight
  • Number of jumps you do or speed of your workout
  • Length of your workout An person does on average 60 to high 120 jump ropes in one minute
  • Burning 12-30 calories per minute
  • Means 180-300 calories per 15 minutes

The number of calories burnt while Skipping is 25% more than running and 55% more than brisk walking

Some basic tips for Skipping

  1. Use slightly high weighted rope.
  2. Wear proper shoes which fit you well.
  3. Choose a rope size which is ideal for you. Place the rope under one toe, the other end should ideally reach your armpit or chest.
  4. Include Skipping with your HIIT workout.
  5. Include Skipping in your routine atleast 3-5 times a week.
  6. Apart from Skipping, add strength training, yoga and resistance training to routine. Keep your routine flexible and change it regularly.
  7. Warm up before the routine, cool down properly and drink water within 30 minutes of finishing workout.

Right technique for Skipping / Jump Rope

Before you start Skipping or Jump Rope, take some time to learn the proper technique

  1. Make sure your rope is the right length.
  2. Stand straight, engage your abs and tuck in your butt.
  3. Hold the rope in a straight line from your waist / hip. Ensure minimum movement of the elbows / shoulder, rotate the rope only using your wrists.
  4. Make sure you hold the rope at same distance at both ends.
  5. Space between you and ground while jumping should be around 1-2 inches. Keep your knees soft and pointed out.
  6. Land softly on the ball of your feet.
  7. Make sure you practice without the rope to begin with.
  8. Your heel should never touch the ground while Skipping. Keep your gaze forward and put a smile on your face.

Once you get the correct technique, you will get the maximum out of your workout. In little time, all this will be second nature.

Correct Skipping posture

Correct posture while Skipping is very important to save you from injuries. It also ensures that your abs are engaged as well which helps you strengthen the entire body.

  1. Stand still, keep your spine neutral. Keep your shoulders rolled back.
  2. Keep the elbows slightly out and held in upright position.
  3. Keep your head and chest up, looking forward.
  4. Make sure you land on the ball of your feet and not on the heel / toe.
  5. To target the belly fat, hold your core tight, imagine pulling belly button towards the spine.

Mistakes you should avoid during Skipping / Jump Rope

  1. Avoid double hop / jump.
  2. Avoid excessive arm movement as it is inefficient and also leads to excessive fatiguing which can lead to a lot of frustrating mistakes.
  3. Don’t jump too high or change rhythm. You should be getting just 1-2 inches off the ground.
  4. Hold the rope handle firmly from the top and not just the tip of handle.
  5. Avoid using light ropes as they are very difficult to learn with.
  6. Have confidence. Sure Skipping is a bit challenging to begin with. There’s a bit of learning curve but a lot of benefit once you’ve learnt it.

Workout with Skipping to lose Belly Fat

Beginers :30 seconds Skipping with 60 seconds rest
Level up :30 seconds Skipping with 30 seconds plank and 30 seconds rest (repeat this 9-10 times)
Intermediate :45 seconds Skipping with 45 seconds rest
Level up : 45 seconds Skipping with 30 seconds plank and 15 seconds rest (repeat this 9-10 times)
High : 60 seconds Skipping with 30 seconds rest
Level up :90 seconds Skipping with 60 seconds plank and 15 seconds rest (repeat this 9-10 times)

HIIT workout with Skipping to lose belly fat

90 seconds Skipping, 60 seconds plank, 60 seconds full circles, 60 seconds leg raises and 30 seconds rest (6-8 sets without break)

Avoid injury and shin splints while Skipping

It’s very important to be aware of your body and to know what your limits are. You want to push yourself, but only to a point where you experience normal pain. Ignoring signs of bad pain can lead to muscle, tendon, ligament and joint injuries. Whereas normal pain and soreness is expected be vary of any signs of bad pain. Choosing the right surface to jump on, getting good jump shoes, paying attention to the jumping volume, getting good warm up and cooling down properly are the keys issues one should pay adequate attention to. As always, Skipping or any other exercise will only yield the desired results if supplemented with proper diet and a healthy mind.

Stay Fit Stay Healthy !!

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