10 Healthy Hair Habits to Stop Hair Fall

10 Healthy Hair Habits to Stop Hair Fall

Your hair is delicate, more often than not, we do not provide adequate care to our hair. The result is hair loss and bad quality hair which ultimately leads to loss of confidence. Making sure your hair is as healthy as you need them to be is more than which shampoo you use. A number of factors decide how strong and good you hair is. Most of the care your hair needs can be made up with natural ingredients. Here are some healthy habits to start with for the healthiest hair ever.

1. Washing and Cleaning

  • Avoid over oiling : Apply oil only when required. Applying too much oil means you use too much shampoo to remove that oil
  • Avoid too many chemicals
  • Always dilute your shampoo prior to use
  • Avoid touching your scalp with long nails. Use fingertips instead
  • Do not shampoo everyday – alternate day is good enough
  • Use naturally made mask
  • Use hair mask once / twice in a month
  • Use homemade shampoo
  • Care for your hair as per the weather
  • Deep conditioning once a week
  • Curd is very good to be used as a conditioner
  • Conditioning from root to toe
  • You can also glycerine and castor oil for conditioning
  • Avoid washing hair with hot water
  • Use old cotton t shirt to dry hair after wash
  • You can also use a microfiber towel to dry your hair
  • It’s always better to use home made products

2. Brushing

  • Never brush in wet hair
  • De tangle from end to the roots and do not overdo it
  • Brush from the root to tip of the hair
  • Do not over brush
  • Always use good quality hair brush

3. Hair Styling

  • Do not use the dryer too often, avoid use of excess heat on the hair
  • Do not wear the same hair style for very long, keep changing it
  • Avoid tying your hair tightly
  • Avoid too much of spray or gel in the hair
10 Healthy Hair Habits to Stop Hair Fall
10 Healthy Hair Habits to Stop Hair Fall

4. Hair Hygiene

  • Keep your hair tools, equipment and accessories clean. Wash them regularly
  • Wash your pillow covers and bed sheets regularly
  • Avoid using someone else’s hair brush or tools

5. Sound Sleep and Stress Free

  • Sound sleep very important for healthy hair
  • Lack of sleep leads to imbalance in the body which causes hair fall
  • Stress is the biggest reason of hair fall. It causes more hair to be in the resting state causing heavy hair fall

6. Nutrition for Healthy Hair

  • Balanced diet plays a very important role in your hair health
  • Make sure you include Proteins, Vitamins B, D and E in your diet
  • Apart from this, fatty acids, zinc, biotins and omega 3 should be included
  • It’s important to include all these ingredients in adequate quantity as your hair gets these only after the rest of the body has had it’s share

7. Alcohol / Smoking

  • The use of alcohol should be limited to as little as possible
  • Smoking should be avoided at all cost. Apart from suffocating your lungs it also damages the hair

8. Care while Exercising

  • Do no tie your hair too tightly while exercising
  • Dry your hair properly after exercise
  • Exercise in general increases the blood flow and blood circulation improving hair health
10 Healthy Hair Habits to Stop Hair Fall
10 Healthy Hair Habits to Stop Hair Fall

9. Care while Sleeping

  • Avoid leaving your hair open while sleeping
  • Keep your hair braided or in a loose bun on top
  • Do not sleep with wet hair
  • Try and sleep on a satin pillow

10. Regular Hair Cuts

  • Regular hair cut ensures healthier hair which is easier to manage
  • It reduces split ends caused due to heat, sun and various chemicals
  • Leads to thicker hair illusion
  • Helps maintain shape and style

11. Seasonal Hair Care

  • Important to protect your hair from too hot or too cold weather
  • Keep your hair covered in the sun
  • Avoid using hair color

Doing the daily simple things right will ensure that your hair stays healthy. Keep your scalp moisturised, avoid using shampoo daily. It’s very important to know your hair type, every person has different hair that needs to be treated differently. Having a balanced diet and living stress free are probably the most important things to have healthy hair. Include eggs, berries, spinach, fatty fish, avocados, nuts, seeds, sweet peppers, oysters and other sea food in your food for healthy hair. Stay away from negativity. Stay Happy, Stay Fit and your hair will be healthy !!

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  1. Hi, nowadays its tough to manage hair, skin and health but due to lockdown able to take care of bit.
    Thank you for very brilliant suggestions for hair and health. But I have a doubt I am facing terribly hair loss after starting tratement with onion juice and castor +cocnut oil as the day when I applied its seems brilliant but next two days major hair fall. Does this combo works and majorly how to remove oil with the help of your pack. Although found small hair are growing but still as mentioned the day when no oil or juice is applied then hair majorly falls.Please help.

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