5 foods to avoid on empty stomach in summer

Some Foods are best to be avoided on an empty stomach because they can cause digestive issues like bloating or discomfort. Sharing today list of 5 such summer foods.

1.Curd or yogurt: Our stomach has high acid levels in the morning like hydrochloric acid, when you eat curd on an empty stomach, our stomach acid destroys the beneficial bacteria rendering them useless. so that we may not get the complete nutrition from the curd.

2.Raw vegetables: The fibre in raw veggies might be difficult to digest in the morning and it may cause bloating gas and pain in the abdomen. so it is better to avoid raw veggies on empty stomach including cucumber and tomatoes.

3.High sugar drinks and caffeine: Drinks that has high sugar levels should be avoided as it increases blood sugar levels and leads to low in energy through the day.
Coffeine contains chlorogenic and citric acids. When consumed on empty stomach these produce more acid in your stomach and can lead to discomfort in your digestive system.
It is better to avoid sugary drinks airiated drinks or caffeine

4.Store bought cereals: As store bought cereals can be full of added sugar and highly processed and they contain only little amount of whole grains, which can leads to increase the risk of obesity diabetes and heart diseases. so it is better to avoid store bought cereals on empty stomach.

5.Deep fried foods: deep fried foods are high in unhealthy fats and it may lead to indigestion and can make feel lethargic. sometimes it may causes dehydration, bloating.

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