5 steps to full detox

Hello Everyone, do you feel Bloating, have acne, get indigestion, have low energy levels very often, than these can be signs of increased toxicity in your body ! Hto Detox Fully in just 24 Hours ? This article is all about using 5 simple techniques to detox your entire body. I follow these techniques once every fortnight or month. Try doing it to see the difference and enjoy the magical experience yourself.

1.Fasting: Fasting is a very good practice to reset our digestive system. Fasting helps in weight loss and lower risk of type2 diabetes.

2.Digital detox: Practice to stay away from the electronic devices smartphones, computers, tablets etc and from social media sites. By disconnecting from electronic devices your mind will get a chance to rest and recharge. this helps in reducing stress levels, improving your mood, and give you a better sense of emotional wellbeing. Start journaling and let out your thoughts, feelings and emptions on a book or piece paper.

  1. Practice Deep Breathing and Meditation: Deep breathing is one of the easiest and most convenient natural way to fight issues like stress and anxiety, reduce pain, high blood pressure and even aide in digestion.
    Meditation lets you become more aware and more purposeful about your actions. It teaches you how to respond, rather than react, to situations in your life. It can help bring calm and insight to people who often feel anxious.
  2. Go outdoors (in nature): Mostly we spend our most of the time inside the house or office, sometimes this leads to stress anxiety and other health issues. If we spend some time in nature or outside it will help in mental detoxification. Nature can help decrease your anxiety levels and can help lessen stress and feelings of anger.
  3. Massaging the body: Massaging our body can help detoxify our largest organ that is skin. It Improves circulation. Decreased muscle stiffness. Decreased joint inflammation. Better quality of sleep.

It will be beneficial if you practice all these steps everyday if not try to perform all the steps on Detox day.

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