10 Min Chest Workout For Women

Hello everyone, it’s time for another workout video. This is a special one as I’m joined by a fitness coach and international boxer, Aakanksha Mishra, who will be taking us through this workout session. This is a 10 min chest workout which can be easily done at home. This effective yet easy workout includes some of the best exercises that will help tone your chest muscles.

Mobility Workout

Exercise 1, Chest Opener

  • Open your arms sidways
  • Make sure your palms are pointing in the front
  • Bring both your arms forward and take them back
  • Maintain them at shoulder height while you do this
  • Do 15 reps of this exercise

Exercise 2, Chest Opener, Close Elbow

  • Get your arms up and fold them at the elbows
  • Make a fist with both your palms with your thumb pointing outwards
  • Maintaining the height, move both your arms outwards
  • Do 15 reps of this exercise

Exercsie 3, Arm Circles

  • Let your arms hang losely
  • Rotate your arms and make circles with them
  • First front to back and then back to front
  • Do 15 reps of each

Exercise 4, Towel Lift

  • Let your hands hang losely in front
  • Hold a towel with both your hands
  • Now take your hands over your head and bring them back down
  • Repeat this 15 times

Exercsie 5, Scapula Retraction

  • Raise your arms from your shoulders
  • Get them to head level and stretch them outwards
  • Get them back sideways at shoudler height and repeat this 15 times

Main Workout

Exercise 1, Wall Push Ups

  • Stand 3 feet from a wall and lean with hands on the wall
  • Now push the wall with your hands in a pushup like motion
  • Do 15 reps of this exercise

Exercise 2, Full or Half Push Ups

  • Get in push up position
  • Make sure your spine is straight and maintain the plank with your upper body
  • Do 15 pushups
  • For half pushups, you can let your knees rest on the floor and continue with the same motion

Exercsie 3, Chest Press

  • Lie down on your back
  • Hold 1 litre bottles in both your hands
  • Now push up both your hands together holding the bottles in your hands
  • Complete 15 reps of this exercise

Exercise 4, Chest Flyes

  • Lie on your back, hold 1 litre or 500 ml water bottles in your hands
  • Now raise your hands, get them together above your chest and push them back to the ground in a repeating motion
  • Do 15 reps of this exercise

Stretches and Cool Down

Exercise 1, Rear Delt Stretch

  • Stand straight, lift one hand from your shoulder and get it parallel to the ground
  • Use the other hand to lock the first hand and push it sideways
  • Repeat this motion for both the arms

Exercise 2, Tricep Stretch

  • Stand straight and fold one hand behind your head
  • Using the other hand, stretch the first hand by gently pushing it down
  • Repeat this for both the hands

Exercsie 3, Deltoid Circles

  • Stand straight with your legs open at shoulder width
  • Rotate both hands from front to back and then reverse of this action
  • Do 15 reps of this exercise

Exercsie 4, Wrist Stretches

  • Stand straight with with hand at shoulder height
  • Bend and stretch your wrists up and down
  • Be gentle and do not over stretch

Exercise 5, Shoulder Retraction

  • Stand straight and place your hands behind your head
  • Stretch your shoulders outwards
  • Repeat this 15 times

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