20 Best Food Combination As per Ayurveda & Science

20 Best Food Combination As per Ayurveda & Science

Eating healthy food obviously has numerous benefits. It keeps you healthy, nourished, improves your memory and other body functions. Eating healthy also ensures that you reduce the risk of diseases. Good nutrition is an inherent part of leading a healthy lifestyle. Combined with good physical activity, your diet can help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight and reduce the risk of chronic diseases. Eating healthy food in combination can multiply the good effects of food. Healthy food eaten in ideal combination can improve your digestion, boost food metabolism and enhance nutritional absorption. Consuming specific healthy food together will pack an even bigger nutritional punch. I’ve got a list of 20 such good food combination that you must include in your diet for better food digestion and weight loss.

1. Green Tea with Vitamin C

  • Green tea with vitamin C packs a solid nutritional punch
  • This combination brings out the best that green tea has to offer
  • The numerous anti oxidants present in green tea work better if taken along with vitamin C
  • All citrous fruits are a good combination with green tea
  • On the other hand, you must avoid green tea with a meal
  • Avoid green tea immediately before or after having a meal

2. Turmeric with black pepper

  • With the number of health benefits that turmeric has to offer, it is also classified as a super food
  • Taken with black pepper though, the benefits of turmeric increase even further
  • Piperine in black pepper can increase the absorption of curcumin in turmeric by 2000 %

3. Oats with water

  • Oats are best to be consumed with water
  • Cook your oats with water and add ground cinnamon and beans if it tastes bland
  • On the other hand, oats with milk is not an good option

4. Plant protein and grain

  • Food like tofu, chickpeas, different varieties of beans, green peas etc that is food that contain plant protein should be consumed with grain
  • All types of grains available can be consumed
  • On the other hand, mixing food with plant protein with animal protein is not recommended
  • Animal protein contains starch with does not go well with plant protein

5. Green veggies with vitamin C

  • All green veggies contain iron which goes very well with food containing vitamin C (example tomato)
  • Green veggies containing iron however should be avoided with all sources of calcium (for eg milk)

6. Non starchy veggies with healthy fat

  • All non starchy veggies go very well with healthy fat (desi ghee etc)
  • However, it is prudent to not keep the quantity of healthy fat too high

7. Non starchy veggies with animal protein

  • Veggies which do not contain starch are very good in combination with animal protein
  • The starch in animal protein ensures that it shouldn’t be combined with starchy veggies

8. Vitamin D with healthy fat

  • All sources of vitamin D can be combined with healthy fat
  • Food like eggs etc can be combination with sources of healthy fat

9. Plant protein with Vitamin C

  • Food like tofu, chickpeas, different varieties of beans, green peas etc that is food that contain plant protein should be consumed with food containing vitamin C

10. Grain with nut butter

  • All forms of grain can be combined with food having nut butter
  • This combination makes sure that you’re consuming complete protein

11. Non starchy veggies with grains

  • Combining all no starchy veggies with grains is an extremely good combination
  • This provides the ideal nutrition for the body

12. Nuts with raisins

  • All nuts with raisins is a very good food combination

13. Eggs with vitamin C

  • Eggs in breakfast with vitamin C (for eg tomatoes) is a very good combination

14. Banana and curd

  • Banana with curd is a very good food combination

15. Almonds and milk

  • Almonds with milk brings out the best in both the food

16. Probiotics with or before lunch

  • Probiotics with lunch or prior to lunch (any form) is good
  • It gives sufficient time for the probiotics to be digested in the body

17. No two acidic fruits together

  • Two acidic fruits like plums, grapes, pomegranates etc shouldn’t be combined together
  • Combining two acidic fruits together might cause acidity in the body

18. Dahi or yogurt with non starchy veggies

  • Yogurt with non starchy veggies is another very good food combination

19. Milk with acidic fruits

  • Milk should be avoided with acidic and sub acidic fruits (for eg grapefruits, pineapple, lemon, orange ets)
  • Milk with sweet fruits on the other hand is alright sometimes (for eg fig, jackfruit etc)

20. Veggies with acidic fruits

  • Veggies with acidic fruits should be avoided

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