All About Paneer

Hello everyone, hope all of you are doing good and are keeping healthy and happy. The key to weight loss is following a right and nutritious diet. Paneer is rich in healthy fats and protein and very low on carbs. No wonder, it is regarded as an excellent food for weight loss and diabeties. However, paneer is not a lean source of protein. Let us see if paneer is good for fat loss or fat gain.

Health Benefits of Eating Paneer

  • Paneer is one of the best vegetarian source of calcium, adequate calcium in the diet ensures healthy bones, teeth, muscles and smooth nerve functioning
  • Paneer is easy to make
  • It is very low in carbs
  • Paneer is rich in many vitamins and minerals
  • It helps maintain blood sugar levels
  • Paneer has low glycemic index and it’s digestion is slow
  • Paneer is good for a healthy heart
  • It helps improve digestion and speeds up metabolism
  • Paneer is rich in magnesium and phosphorus
  • Paneer is good for brain health
  • It reduces menopause stress
  • Paneer helps boost immunity


100 GramsFull Fat PaneerToned Milk PaneerLow Fat Paneer
Protein20 grams16 grams14 grams
Fat27 grams12 grams8 grams
Carbs4 grams4 grams4 grams
  • Low fat milk is low on other nutrition like protein, calcium etc
  • Paneer is a rich source of calcium, phosphorus, sodium, selenium, vitamin B12, folate, zinc, copper and Vitamin B6
  • How you make your paneer or where you source it from makes all the diefference

Homemade vs Store Bought Paneer

  • Store bought paneer may have adulteration in it
  • Preservatives and number of other additives are added to store bought paneer
  • Milk powder, palm oil and GMS (emulifier) are used to make toxic or duplicate paneer
  • Quality and type of paneer determines its health benefits
  • To make low fat paneer, curd is used instead of lemon juice or vinegar to curdle milk
  • When the acidity of milk increases it curdles and curd of casein protein separates
  • Casein is a high quality blend of amino acids which digests slowly

How To Consume Paneer

  • If you’re trying for weight loss, cook your paneer in low fat or eat it plain. You can also eat it in a burji, roll, salad, parantha, tawa grill or smoothie
  • Avoid preparing your paneer in extra fat like oil or ghee

How Much To Eat

  • 40 – 50 grams a day for a female
  • Upto 80 grams a day for male is recommended

Side Effects of Excessive Consumption

  • Excessive consumption can cause weight gain
  • Since paneer is very high in sodium, excessive eating can lead to bloating, water retention and puffiness
  • Can cause allergies since it caontains lactose
  • Can cause food poisoning, indigestibility and acidity

Best Time To Consume

  • Best time to consume is dinner or evening snack
  • You can also consume the same amount in lunch
  • Avoid consuming paneer during breakfast or post workout

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