December Weight Loss Challenge

Hello everyone, hope all of you are doing good and are keeping healthy and happy. December weight loss challenge is all about being organised, planning well, setting goals, executing your plans and saving time in doing so. Deciding what to do in the last few days of the year can be a difficult task since there is so much we want to achieve and plan. Regardless fo what we intend doing, to be fit and healthy in the coming year is something we want to desparately achieve. So if you’ve spent the year trying hard to follow healthy habits, just to fall off the bandwagon, let’s try and end the year on a perfect note.

First Step

  • The 1st step in planning for next year is reflecting on this year’s performance
  • Here’s a simple table on which you can rate yourself and reflect on your performance
Area of ReflectionIIIIVVIIIX
Health (how you felt overall)     
Fitness (strength, workout)     
Diet (balanced or not)     
Body Weight     
Digestive Health     
Mental Health     
Sleep Quality     
Energy Levels     
Motivational Level     
Discipline Level     

Second Step : What are your expectations for coming year ?

Area of ReflectionExpectations (use few words or line)
Health (how you felt overall)Eg : Work on my immunity
Fitness (strength, workout)Increase the number of workout
Diet (balanced or not)Eat more home cooked food
Body WeightUnder 60 kilos
Digestive HealthReduce bloating
Mental HealthWork on relationships
Sleep QualityWork on my evening routine
Energy LevelsWalk more, optimise caffeine intake
Motivational LevelMy source of motivation
Discipline LevelTime management

Step 3 : Hold Accountability / Tracker

  • Diet tracker : Prepare food journal for three consecutive days, what you eat, how much
  • Workout tracker : Strength, stamina, endurance and flexibility – plank hold, push ups, squat hold, leg raise hold, weights
  • Stress : Start capturing any idea or thought that comes to your mind on paper, sit and work on what action you need to take daily

Step 4 : Set Realistic Goals

December Weight Loss Strategies

  • Diet
    • Eat smaller meals to increase / ease digestion and boost metabolism
    • Include more fruits / vegetables (1-2 serving of fruit)
    • Include 3-4 veggies – slightly cooked veggies (to avoid bloating)
    • Go green (one serving must)
    • Include slow carbs in the diet (reduce consumption of rice and wheat)
    • Choose your fat wisely
    • Intermittent fasting, minimum window of 10 : 14
    • Limit caffeine consumption and optimise your timings
    • Include alternatives like sukku tea or coffee in your diet
    • Include Vitamin D, zinc, omega 3 and iron in your diet
    • Stay hydrated, herbal tea, detox water and detox soups in your diet
    • Eat 95 % home cooked food every day
    • Eat three hours before bed time, consume bed time drink atleast 1 drink before bed time
  • Workout Strategies
    • Keep moving, don’t sit in one place for over 45 minutes
    • Take small, slow walks post every meal
    • Include 30 – 40 minutes workout minimum 4 to 5 times in a week
  • Stress Combat Strategies
    • Start meditating atleast 30 minutes daily
    • Social media detox atleast for 5 hours daily, 2 hours in morning, 1 hour during lunch and 2 hours before bed time
    • Clean up your space (de clutter and discard)
    • Sleep early and read book before bed time
  • Mindful Strategies
    • Be present in the moment

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