December 2 Weeks Weight Loss Diet Plan

Hello everyone, hope all of you are doing good and are keeping healthy and happy. Weight loss in winters isn’t easy. With your appetite soaring at it’s highest, refraining yourself from overindulgence is difficult. We bring to you our December weight loss challenge / diet  plan, an easy to follow, vegetarian winter diet plan that will help you lose weight, without giving up on the delicious winter delicacies. Designed with great care and experience, this 2 weeks diet plan has all the nutrients to  keep you in good shape.

December Weight Loss Diet Strategies

  • Eat smaller and more frequent meals
    • This will ease digestion and also help boost your metabolism
  • Include more fruits and vegetables (1-2 serving fruit and 3-4 veggies) in yur diet
    • Keep the vegetables slightly cooked to avoid bloating
  • Go green (atleast one serving of green should be included in the diet)
  • Include slow carbs in the diet (reduce consumption of rice and wheat)
  • Choose your fat wisely (10-15 grams of visible fat daily)
  • Intermittent fasting needs to be followed religiously (minimum 10 : 14 window)
  • Limit your caffeine consumption and optimise timing (green detox tea / sukku tea  are great alternatives)
  • Have early dinner, 3 hours before bed time, bed time drink 1 hour before bed time
  • Eat 95 % home cooked clean food every day

Your Broad Diet Plan

  • Wake up and consume 2-3 glasses of luke warm water
  • Fast opener
    • 1st week : 6 soaked almonds and 1 soaked fig
    • 2nd week : 2 soaked walnuts and 6 soaked raisins
  • Replace regular tea / coffeewith super green matcha tea
    • Matcha tea contains less caffeine, more antioxidants and is a clean drink
  • Matcha Tea
    • I have been using the ‘Oziva’ plane based matcha tea and I highly recommend it
    • The ‘Oziva’ plant matcha plus is a combination of 100 % organic japanese matcha with activated charcoal and licorice
    • It also contains whole food like pomegranate and ginger
    • As ‘Oziva Matcha Plus’ is rich in antioxidants, it helps in controlling skin pigmentation, dark circles and prevents uneven skin tone
    • Licorice also known as yashtimadhu prevents hyperpigmentation and removes existing dark spots. It also helps in reduction of inflammation
    • The activated charcoal present in ‘Oziva Matcha Plus’ helps in removing dead skin cells and brigtens skin
    • This tea can be consumed by adding 1 scoop of Matcha Plus in 150 ml warm / hot water
    • You can even make smoothies out of this matcha tea
  • Post lunch : Have herbal tea
  • Make sure you keep the meal size small
  • Continue with your workout
  • Follow a fixed eating routine
First WeekBreakfastSnackLunchSnackDinner
    MonSprouts veg mix (lite sauteed or steamed)1 fruitQuinoa pulao with dahiFlavoured milk / herbal tea with homemade energy bar or ladooCarrot tomato soup with roti and sabzi
    TuesRagi chilla / pancake with flaz seeds powder in batter      -do –Kala chana sabzi with roti, salad and dahi           -do-Dalia vegetable (spinach soup)
  WedHomemade granola with milk    -do –Rice paneer veg pulao         -do-Saag with millet roti
  ThruVeg poha with seeds and nuts    -do –Bajra with chana dal khichadi           -do-Vegetable sauteed or grilled with 50 grams paneer
  FriGreen detox smoothie (spinach base)    -do –Mix veg saladHerbal tea with sun dried fruitVeg stew
  SatMultigrain green dosa (mung, besan and ragi)    -do –Chole with rice, dahi and salad         -do-Mung dal khichadi
  Sun1 paneer parantha with green chutney    -do –Love meal         -do-Mix veg dal soup
Second WeekBreakfastSnackLunchSnackDinner
    MonBesan chilla with flax seeds powder in batter1 fruitMung dal sprouts with vegetable mixFlavoured milk / herbal tea with homemade energy bar or ladooPalak soup with namkeen oats
    TuesRagi apple smoothie      -do –Mix millet pulao with raita           -do-Methi carrot soup with sabzi and roti
  WedOvernight oats(seeds mix)    -do –Palak dal with roti sabzi         -do-Quinoa moong dal khichadi with veggies
  ThruVeg upma (ragi or millet)    -do –Makki roti with saag, ragi and gur           -do-Paneer roll with salad
  FriRed detox smoothie (apple, beet and carrot)    -do –Mix veg saladHerbal tea with sun dried fruitMix Veg stew
  SatVeg sandwitch with chutney    -do –Rajma, rice with salad and dahi         -do-Palak paneer with roti and salad
  Sun2-3 idli with sambhar and paenut coconut chutney    -do –Love meal         -do-Mix veg dal soup

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