All You Need To Know About Vitamin D

Sun is the best and most natural source of vitamin D. That’s the reason why vitamin D is also called as sunshine vitamin. About 50-60 % Indians are deficient in vitamin D. Vitamin D has a very important role to play in our body. It is a fat soluble vitamin. It is made by cholesterol in our body when it is exposed to sunlight.

Role of vitamin D in our body

  • It helps regulate blood pressure in the body
  • Maintain blood levels of calcium within the normal limits
  • Prevention of osteomalacia
  • Vitamin D helps fight depression
  • It reduces stress and tension in the body
  • It reduces respiratory infections
  • Vitamin D helps improve insulin sensitivity in the body
  • It helps improves the overall skin health
  • It acts as a steroid hormone in the body which means it is anti inflammatory

Who is at risk of vitamin D deficiency ?

  • The elderly
  • Overweight or obese people
  • People who don’t eat meat specially fish
  • People living far away from the equator
  • People who use excessive sunscreen while stepping out
  • People who stay constantly indoors

Symptoms of vitamin D deficiency

  • Poor immunity
  • Pain in the bones and backache
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Depression
  • Delayed healing
  • Hair loss
  • Muscle pain
  • Chronic illness

Best time to get sunlight for vitamin D

  • Morning 0800 hours to 1200 hours is the best time to get some sun
  • You need to spend just 10-15 minutes in the sun, 2-3 times a week
  • When you’re trying to soak some sun, avoid using sunscreen
  • Expose your arms, legs to the sun
  • If possible, expose yor lower back to the sun
  • Spending more time outdoors and enjoying some sport makes it much easier for the body to intake sunlight and vitamin D
  • Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin, so good fats should be taken to enhance it’s absorption

Some more facts about vitamin D

  • Dried mushrooms are a brilliant source of vitamin D
  • For vegans and vegetarians sun dried tomatoes are also a good source of vitamin D
  • Milk, salmon, eggs and dairy products are again a good source of vitamin D
  • Your skin tome / colour also plays a important role in absorption of vitamin D
  • Darker complextion people need to spend more time in the sun

How much vitamin D we need ?

  • Under 50 yrs of age :        200-400 IU a day
  • 50-70 yrs of age     :        400-800 IU a day
  • Above 70 yrs of age :        1000 IU a day
  • The safe upper limit is 2000 IU a day
  • Too much vitamin D can cause calcium deposits in kidneys and arteries

Some facts about vitamin D

  • Vitamin D is important to activate the immune system’s T cells
  • Without sufficient vitamin D, the body isn’t effective in fighting infections
  • Vitamin D also helps to absorb calcium from the food and it is very important for bone growth and development
  • Sufficient amount of vitamin D ensures you lose weight faster and stay fit overall

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