Cumin Seeds For Weight Loss

Hello everyone, hope all of you are doing well and are keeping healthy and happy. Cumin is one of the oldest spice in the world. It is also the 2nd most popular spice in thr world. Cumin seeds are known to cure almost every digestive issue. Now woner, it is considered useful for weight loss. As most of the issues concerning weight gain are associated with stomach or digestive issues, cumin seeds are considered helpful in weight loss. Apart from this, there are a number of other health benefits of cumin seeds.

Some facts about cumin seeds

  • Cumin / jeera are one of the oldest and most popular spices in the world
  • Cumin has a number of health related properties and benefits
  • The word jeera is drived from sanskrit word jeer which means that which digests
  • Cumin seeds are excellent for digestive tract disorders
  • Cumin seeds are best used in ayurveda for any indigestion related problems
  • In flavour, cumin seeds are described as eartly, nutty, spicy and warm

Ayurvedic Properties

  • Qualities                 :                  Dry and light to digest
  • Taste                     :                  Slightly pungent
  • Potency                  :                  Hot
  • Effect on dosha       :                  Balances kapha and vata, may increase pitta

Nutrition : One teaspoon

  • 7.88 calories
  • 0.37 grams protein
  • 0.47 grams of fat
  • 0.93 grams carbs
  • 19.6 mg calcium
  • 1.39 mg iron
  • 7.69 mg magnesium
  • Apart from this, it also contains magnesium, potassium, calcium, selenium, copper and manganese
  • Cumin seeds contains antioxidants and plant compounds including terpenes, phenols, flavonoids and alkaloids

Health benefits of Cumin Seeds

  • Promotes digestion, increases activity of digestive enzymes and increases release of bile from liver
  • Is good for stomach : helps get rid of acidity and bloating
  • Acts as a pain killer curing stomach aches and abdominal pain
  • Promotes lactation during pregnancy
  • Controls blood sugar as they stimulate insulin production in the body
  • Boosts immunity
  • Helps aid the respiratory system as it is anti congestive by nature
  • Helps regulate blood pressure as jeera water is high in potassium
  • Helps treat anemia
  • Jeera contains melatonin, a sleep regulating hormone
  • It also contains significant amounts of iron and magnesium which are essential for regulating brain activity and inducing sleep in a timely manner
  • May help lower cholesterol
  • Helps boost immunity
  • Presence of riboflavin, vitamin B 6, zeaxanthin and naicin is beneficial for the brain to function properly
  • Reduces pain during periods
  • Cumin seeds also helps in rejuvenating the skin
  • Helps promote healthy hair

Side Effects

  • Cumin is considered to be highly safe and is generally non toxic, even in larger doses
  • Cumin seeds might lower blood sugar levels in some people
  • May interfere with some medication
  • May cause bleeding disorders
  • Women who are pregnant or are trying to be pregnant should avoid consuming cumin in large quantities

For best use roast cumin seeds slightly before using

  • Eat with rock salt to improve digestion
  • In fever with jaggery
  • For stomach problems have it with curd
  • Bath in cumin seeds water for curing itching
  • To balance vata, roast cumin seeds in sesame oil
  • To balance pita, roast cumin seeds in desi ghee or coconut oil
  • For kapha, consume cumin seeds with honey
  • To improve hydration, consume it with citrus juice
  • Combine cumin seeds with corainder for best results
  • Avoid combining cumin seeds with black pepper or ginger

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