Food Super Rich In Calcium

There is more calcium in the human body than any other mineral. Let’s see which food can you consume to ensure that the calcium intake in your body is up to the mark. Calcium plays a very important role in functioning of many bodily functions. Calcium is a nutrient that all living organisms need, including human beings. Calcium is vital for the bone health in the body. Let’s look at five food that you can consume daliy for increasing the intake of calcium in the body.

Recommended intake of calcium in the body

  • Adult men                        :                  600-1200 mg
  • Adult women                    :                  500-1000 mg
  • Kids                                 :                  400-700 mg
  • Pregnant and lactating


Grains with maximin calcium

GrainCalcium per 100 g
Ragi / Nachini (Finger Millet)345 mg
Rajgira / Chulai / Ramdana330 mg
Soya Flour240 mg

Nuts and seeds with most calcium

Nuts and SeedsCalcium per tbsp
Sesame seeds89 mg
Chia seeds76 mg
Almonds30 mg
Phool Makhana40 mg

Vegetables with most calcium

VegetableCalcium per 100 g
Green veggies80-340 mg
Okra86 mg
Broccoli56 mg

Fruits with most calcium

FruitCalcium per 100 g
Oranges40 mg
Mulberries39 mg
Papaya29 mg

Pulses and grains with most calcium

Pulses and grainsCalcium per 100 g
Horse Gram290 mg
Rajma270 mg
Kala Chana212 mg

Other food with high amount of calcium

Other FoodsCalcium Content
1 tbsp fennel seeds69 mg
Tofu (soy paneer) 100 g360 mg
Dried figs 1 ounce46 mg
Moringa and other super greens140 mg

Important facts about calcium

  • Vitamin D is critical to regulate calcium absorption
  • Other factors necessary for absorption are ascorbic acid and lactose
  • Depending on your gut health only 10-50 % of calcium from your diet is absorbed
  • Calcium helps in absorption of vitamin B 12

Factors that inhibit absorption of calcium

  • Oxalate, fibre and phytates
  • Excess fat
  • High sadium
  • Excess caffeine and smoking

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