Cheapest Herb For Weight Loss

Ginger is one of the cheapest herbs for weight loss. Ginger contains compounds called gingerols and shogaols. These compounds stimulate several biological activities in the body. Ginger’s antioxidant properties help control free radicals and it’s anti inflammatory properties can help control inflammation. Ginger is a herb that can cure any problem related to gastro intestinal stress. Ginger is cheap in India as 35 % of total ginger produced in the world comes from India.


  • Loaded with antioxidants and other plant compounds
  • Main compounds are gingerol, zingerone, shogaols and paradol
  • One tbsp contains
  • 4.8 calories
  • 1.07 carbs
  • 0.11 protein
  • Trace minerals like B vitamins, potassium, iron, zinc, phophorus, magnesium etc

Ayurvedic properties

  • Warm in nature
  • Helps balance vaat, kapha, may increase pitta
  • Taste is pungent and strong

Benefits in weight loss

  • Best digestive tonic
  • Helps calm the stomach agni
  • Helps treat chronic indigestion
  • Is loaded with anti oxidants
  • Helps reduce body mass index
  • Contains fat burning properties
  • Helps increase sweating
  • Helps increase metabolic rate
  • Has diuretic properties
  • Has thermogenic effect
  • Reduces oxidative stress, boosts immunity and reduces joint pain

Other benefits

  • Helps treat cold and flu
  • Improves hair growth
  • Helps treat baldness
  • Stimulates mind, reduces stress and headache
  • Helps fight infection, lowers blood sugar and cholesterol

Best herb / spice to mix with ginger

  • Ginger with clove or cinnamon is great for winters
  • Ginger with cardamom or fennel seeds is great for summers

How to use ginger

  • Detox water, juices, smoothies
  • In salad, soup etc
  • Green tea

Avoid consumption in excess

  • If consumed in excess may worsen gall bladders or gallstone related issues
  • Consult a doctor if you’re on any blood thinner medication
  • Consumption in excess quantity may lead to constipation
  • Consume carefully during pregnancy and post surgery
  • Small amount for nursing mothers is good

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