Green Tea and Weight Loss

Green tea has been consumed and hailed for it’s health benfits for centuries. Green tea is made from unoxidised leaves and is one of the least  processed types of tea. Accordingly, it contains the most antioxidants and beneficial polyphenols. This article sheds a light on all the health benefits and side effects of green tea.

How does green tea gets made ?

  • Green tea is made from  fresh tea leaves
  • Fresh tea leaves are withered
  • Thereafter, the process of steaming or pan frying is carried out
  • Finally after rolling and drying, green tea gets made

Ayurvedic insight

  • Green tea tastes slightly bitter
  • The potency is a bit warm
  • Nature of green tea is stimulant and dry
  • It reduces kapha, increases vata and is neutral towards pitta

Nutritional content

  • Green tea contains antooxidants like quercetin, linolic acid, carotenoids and catechin that is EGCG
  • It contains bio active compounds like amino acids, enzymes and chlorophyll
  • Green tea has minerals like magnesium, managenese, calcium and zinc
  • Apart from tbis, it also contains numerous beneficial phytochemicals


  • EGCG or epigallocatechin gallate is the component or catechin due to which green tea is associated with weight loss
  • The catecin EGCG is known to assist in weight loss in a number of studies that have been carried out
  • Green tea however, doesn’t contain this catecin in sufficient quantity to affect weight loss in any manner
  • Green tea thus is not a miracle drink which will lead to weight loss
  • However, due to it’s other numerous health benefits, green tea becomes an extremely recommended health drink

Health Benefits

  • Green tea boosts the metaboilc rate
  • It mobilises fatty acids from fat tissues
  • Green tea has anti inflammatory properties
  • Green tea assists in fat oxidation
  • Green tea contains diuretic properties
  • It is known to reduce appetite
  • It reduces bad cholesterol and lipids
  • Green tea is known to detoxify the liver
  • It increases performance and helps in digective health
  • Good for oily skin and hair
  • Protects against UTI
  • Helps focus and staying alert
  • Is very good for heart and mental health

Side Effects

  • May intefere with sleep
  • May lead to headache and upset stomach
  • Pregnant women and breast feeding mothers should avoid
  • If you’re using any medication, you should consult a physician
  • Avoid green tea during periods
  • People with iron deficiency and dry skin and hair should avoid it
  • Not meant for kids and teenagers
  • People with anxiety disorder and liver problems should avoid it

Recipe for perfect green tea

  • Take 1 cup that is 150 to 175 ml water
  • Bring it to a boil, at 80 to 100 C
  • Add 1 tsp leafy green tea
  • Switch off the heat and let it infuse
  • You can add holy basil, lemon grass or fennel to your green tea

Best time to drink

  • Best time to drink green tea is between meals and pre workout
  • Avoid drinking green tea with or immediately after any meal

Which green tea ?

  • Loose leafy green tea is the one you should use
  • Green tea bags are to be avoided
  • Green tea bags mostly just contain green tea dust and possibly other toxic substances

How much in a day ?

  • 1 to maximum 3 cups of green tea is what is recommended
  • Anything more than that is not recommended

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