Hair Fall : Causes and Best Treatment

Hair Fall : Causes and Best Treatment

Most people have about 1,00,000 hair on their heads and lose around 100 to 120 hair per day. It’s normal to shed between 50 to 100 hair daily. When you shed significantly more hair than that, it’s a cause for concern. Excessive hair loss can be a troublesome problem, often causing worry and affecting self esteem. However, if corrective measures are taken on time, you can control hair fall with certain home remedies that are natural and effective.
The hair is fed by blood vessels at the base of hair follicles, which give it the nourishment it needs to grow. Between starting to grow and falling out years later, each hair passes through four stages :

  1. Anagen
  2. Catagen
  3. Telogen
  4. Exogen

Without getting into too much science, it simply means that at any given point of time, 90% of your hair are in the growing stage which lasts for about 1000 days and 10% hair are in the resting stage that lasts about 100 days. It is also determined by scientists that during birth to age 3, 10-13 years, at 22 years, 26 years, 36 years and 44 years of age hair fall tends to be at it’s maximum. Hair grows at it’s best between 15 to 32 years of age.

Hair Growth

Your hair grows roughly half a inch every month and 7-8 inches every year. It grows faster in summers as compared to winters. The growth phase or ‘anagen’ phase lasts an average of 3-5 years, so a full length hair averages between 18 to 30 inches. On the other hand, the hair you shave every day seems to grow at greater speed. Depending on your age, hair may grow faster or slower. Genetics and your hormonal state also affects the growth.

Causes of Excessive Hair Fall

  1. Hereditary Pattern Baldness : This is the most common cause of hair loss. It’s not really a disease but a natural condition which is resulted due to the hereditary genes. Hereditary pattern baldness starts with thinning of hair and often progresses to complete hair loss on parts of the scalp.
  2. Physical Stress : Also called ‘traction alopecia’, this is a form of gradual hair loss caused primarily by pulling force applied to the hair. This is caused mainly due to frequently wearing the hair in a tight ponytail or braids.
  3. Mental Stress : Perhaps the most common cause of hair fall is mental stress. Stress changes the chemistry of hair follicles, resulting in too many hair follicles in the resting phase at any given point.
  4. Local Scalp Infections : Any infection i.e fungus or bacterial infection on the scalpresults in hair damage and ultimately hair loss.
  5. Diseases : Certain diseases like PCOD / PCOS, thyroid, diabetes, flu, high fever, internal disorders etc may also result in hair loss.
  6. Hormonal imbalance : Any hormonal imbalance caused by a cyst, immediately after child birth, during initial menopause and taking birth control pills also results in hair loss.
  7. Chemical and other Drugs including Antibiotics : Excessive use of chemicals including acne and scar treatment drugs (cortisone) results in hair loss.
  8. Environmental Pollution and Stress : The pollution in the air around you including the general stress in everyday life may lead to hair loss.
  9. Food deficiency : Not having adequate and quality protein, fat, iron, vitamins and biotin in your diet may also result in hair loss.

Ayurvedic, Natural and Home Remedies to Stop Hairfall

1. Black pepper and Lime seeds remedy

  • Powder 10 grams each of lime seeds and black pepper
  • Make a fine paste in plain water or if possible in ginger juice
  • Apply this paste on your head every night and leave it for a couple of hours
  • Rinse out the paste
  • Massage your scalp with your fingers for five minutes while applying the paste

2. Mulathi and Milk Cream

  • Make a paste with a few small sticks of Mulathi in the milk cream
  • Add a little saffron
  • Apply it on your scalp at night
  • Rinse out with clear water in the morning
  • If possible, mix some ground Dhatura seeds in the paste. Adding this will increase the potency of the recipe
  • Massage your scalp generously with your fingers for roughly five minutes while applying the ointment

3. Caster Oil with White Iodine

  • Castor Oil is excellent for hair re-growth
  • When combined with White Iodine which is available at the local chemist, it can produce wonderful results
  • Part your hair in small sections and apply the oil to scalp with cotton
  • Massage it in with your fingers
  • Use the White Iodine similarly every alternate day

4. Coconut and Lime Juice

  • These two things are abundantly available
  • Take 1/2 cup coconut milk and add juice of 1/2 lemon
  • Massage into scalp
  • Leave for 4-6 hours
  • Wash with mild shampoo
  • This simple remedy has proved to be extremely effective into controlling hair fall

5. Hibiscus Leaves and Methi

– Take hibiscus leaves and mix with a tablespoon of crushed fenugreek seeds

  • Make a paste
  • Use this paste as a mask once a week

These five home made remedies are easy to make and effective. Any abnormal use of chemicals on your hair is bound to cause damage. Apart from these simple homemade recipes, there are simple things which over a period of time can make a lot of difference. Some of these are :-

  1. Use a soft brush to comb your hair.
  2. Do not wash or rinse your hair to too hot or too cold water.
  3. Have an iron rich diet which will help control hair fall.
  4. Include all vitamins and protein your diet.
  5. Don’t leave your hair open if you’re spending too much in polluted air.
  6. Do not tie your hair too tightly.
  7. The biggest cause of hair fall is stress. Try to de stress yourself as much as possible. Stay Happy, Stay Fit and the health of your hair will definitely improve !!

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