How To Consume Rotis

In this article we’ve discussed how to consume roti. Roti is a important source of carbs in the Indian diet. As per dietary guidelines, carbs make upto 45-60 % of our daily calorie requirement. Carbs are the most essential and integral part of a balanced diet. So avoiding rotis completely isn’t really a smart decision. Including roti in the diet using these simple tips is easy.

How many rotis per meal ?

  • A general healthy diet plan contains about 1300-1600 calories
  • This means, you’ll have 300-400 calories per meal
  • 120-160 calories per meal should come from carbs
  • Many protein / veggies are also high in carbs
  • 1 roti contains
  • Calories   :        80-120
  • Crabs      :        20-22 grams
  • Fibre       :        2-3 grams
  • Protein    :        2.5-3 grams
  • Fat         :        0.8 grams
  • This means you should have 1-2 rotis in a meal (1 roti if you’re consuming millet)
  • Follow the healthy plating method
  • Divide the plate into four parts
  • 1/2 plate veggies and probiotics
  • 1/4 plate protein
  • Rest 1/4 plate, carbs and fat

Buying off the shelf

  • You should restrain from buying readymade multigrain atta
  • Make sure you always make your multigrain atta at home
  • Different flours have different have different shelf lives

Avoid including whole wheat roti in all meals

  • Eating wheat throughout the day can make you feel tired
  • Try and include other healthy grains in the diet as well
  • Avoid rotis in breakfast

Focus on preparation to improve digestibility

  • Make sure that you knead the dough nicely and let it rest for 10-15 minutes
  • As much as possible, try and prepare fresh dough every time
  • Keeping the dough overnight or more than 5-6 hours is not recommended

Nor adding herbs / spices to the dough

  • Add herbs, spices and ingredients like ajwain, jeera powder, dry methi leaves etc to the dough
  • These increase the digestibility of the dough
  • Buy your atta from a local mill / chakki

Avoiding rotis / carbs in dinner

  • Having complex carbs in dinner is good for your mental health
  • If you’re having rotis in dinner, make sure you finish your dinner 2-3 hours before going to bed

Avoiding rotis because of gluten

  • Don’t be scared of gluten
  • Gluten is a protein which provides elasticity to the rotis
  • Only very few people have allergies from it

Replacing whole wheat rotis with whole wheat bread

  • Rotis can’t be replaced with whole wheat bread
  • Eating bread once in a while is alright but it also contains additives and preservatives
  • Rather, make your rotis more nutritious
  • Prepare your dough with spinach, carrot puree, bathua, beetroot etc

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