How To Lose Arms Fat In Women

Hello everyone, hope all of you are doing good and are keeping healthy and happy. Flabby arms are just one of the many issues which a women potentially faces. This article is all about the possible causes of arm fat in women and the best solutions to get rid of that excess fat in arms. Loose arm fat, sometimes referred to as ‘Bingo Wings’ usually occurs with age as the skin loosens. This affects women more than men. If your body has high concentration of fat cells in the upper arms, you are more likely to develop arm fat at some point. Once accumulated, it is difficult to remove simply through exercise. This excess fat also leads to stretch marks or cellulite on upper arms.

Causes of excess arm fat in women

  • Muscle to fat ratio in women
    • Women generally have more body fat as compared to men
    • This leads to more accumulation of arms fat in women
  • Body composition
    • Some people store more fat in certain areas as compared to others
    • As a result, some women might be more prone of excess arms fat
  • Genes
    • The genetic make up of the body plays a pivotal role in deciding how much fat you store in your body
  • Hormones
    • Hormones determine which part of the body will a women store fat in
    • One of it’s function in a women’s body is to support the ability to built muscles and energy
    • This causes excess arm fat in most of the women
    • High estrogen is the reason of lower body fat in women
    • High amount of cortisol in the body leads to belly fat
    • Similarly, thyroid imbalance in the body leads to back fat and bra bulge in women
  • Age
    • With age increase, the fat ration in the body increases
    • Metabolism drops
    • The levels of testosterone also drop leading to loss of collagen
    • Increasing age also leads to loss of firmness and elasticity
    • The skin tends to become saggy and cellulite starts to appear
  • Sleep
    • Lack of sleep leads to imbalance in hormones in females
  • Diet
    • Poor diet and a high caloric diet leads to fat accumulation in the body
    • Low protein and fiber in the diet also leads to excess fat storage in the body

Solutions to lose the excess arms fat

  • Add more protein to your diet
    • Add lean, good quality protein to your diet
    • Eggs are a excellent source of protein for the female body
  • Eat more fibre
    • It is imperative that you add more fiber to your diet
    • Again choose the right kind of food for fiber in your body
  • Exercise
    • Exercise is the key to lose fat all across the body
    • Exercise your entire body but focus and concentrate on the problem areas
    • Spot reduction of body fat is not possible but you can develop more lean muscles once you lose that extra fat
    • Right exercise will ensure that you don’t get the sagging skin
  • Weight training
    • Weight training is the key to keep your muscles toned
    • We’ve shared a wonderful arms workout video on your channel. Follow the video for very simple but effective arms workout

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