How To Lose Lower Body Fat Permanently

Hello everyone, hope all of you are doing good and are keeping healthy and happy. There is a reason why women tend to gain weight around their thighs and bottocks. This weight once gained, is very stubborn and difficult to lose. In this article, we’ll discuss about the main cuases for women gaining this unwanted weight and some tips to tone your body including this stubborn thigh fat. To start with, it is important to understand that you can’t target this lower body fat with workout alone. There are a number of factors including your body type, workout, gender and your hormones which decide the fat storing method in your body.

Basics of lower body fat

  • The pear body type, also known as gynoid obesity stores fat easily around the hips and thighs
  • These fat cells around the lower body are very difficult to unlock and access
  • Strength training to a extent, improves your body’s ratio of lean mass to fat mass
  • As far as women are concerned, high estrogen levels are deeply related to lower body fat
    • The legs, mainly thighs have a large number of estrogen receptors
    • Over a period of time, there is an increase in the fat storing form of estrogen known as estradiol
    • This hormonal imbalance can create large amounts of fat storage around the thighs, hips and bums

Causes of high levels of estrogen

  • High quantity of refined carbs and sugar in the diet
  • Poor digestive health : low levels of hydrochloric acid in the body might lead to high levels of estrogen
  • Excess estrogen can be produced by the body as well as taken in from food and the environment
  • Methylation
    • This is a process which affects the metabolic processes in the body
    • The process of estrogen metabolism is also affected by methylation
    • In order for the methylation cycle to function optimally, various nutrients such as B6, B 12, folic acid, magnesium and zinc are needed
  • Irregular periods and menopause
  • Birth control pills add to high levels of estrogen in the body
  • Sugary and carbonated drinks are an source of excess estrogen

Other rare causes of high lower body fat

  • Gluten allergy
  • Lipedema is a disorder where enlargement of both legs takes place due to deposits of fat under the skin

Common signs of high estrogen levels in women

  • Irregular periods
  • Bloating
  • Cold hands and feet
  • Difficulty in sleeping
  • Fatigue and headaches
  • Hair loss
  • Frequent mood changes, depression or anxiety
  • Memory problems
  • Swollen or tender breasts

What should one eat to reduce high estrogen levels

  • Eat lots of cruciferous vegetables such as broccolli, spinach, cabbage, kale, brussels sprouts and cauliflower
  • Whole grain, pulses, sprouts and legumes
  • Flax seeds help reduce high estrogen levels in the body
  • Green tea
  • Moderate protein and fat

Workout to tone the lower body

  • Do squats, lunges, weighted training
  • Leg raises, dead lifts and good mornings
  • Walk up hills and stairs
  • Avoid sitting in one place for more than 30 minutes
  • Try to get up regularly and walk

6 thoughts on “How To Lose Lower Body Fat Permanently

  1. How will I get to know if I have lipedema? Since childhood my lower body from thigh till the ankle are so fat…what can be the reason for this?

  2. hi MAM …! i am a teenager and my age is about to 20.., from the last7 month months i have started a stick diet for weight loss during AUGUST ,SEP OCT ..leave all the proteins and carbs and just eat salad and lose to 7 kg but from the last november my weight is just stuck on 58kg no further weight loss and my tigh and hip areas are fatty day by day… I am so worried about my this change i leave out all diet and eat all food as usual but i don’t know what is the problem going in my bodyy…. please can you contact me and give suggessions that how to cure this problem or to get to know about my problemm….

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