How To Lose Thigh Fat In Women

Losing the stubborn lower fat can be very demanding. Women tend to gain fat around their thighs and buttocks and they struggle to lose. It is thus important to understand the reason for this fat and what can we do to make this go away. We’ll look at the step which should take to ensure that this stubborn fat goes away.

Fat burning process

  • Lipolysis
  • Ftrst the fat needs to be released from a fat cell
  • This process of fat breakdown and release is called lipolysis
  • Fat mobilisation
  • Fat needs to be carried to another cell through the blood stream
  • Poor blood flow to an area means slow fat loss from that area
  • Fat oxidation
  • This fat then needs to enter another cell to be burned
  • This process of actual fat being burnt is called lipid oxidation

Other basics

  • Fat in the process of losing can be restored after completing half the process and this is often the case in people who are very insulin resistant
  • Enzymes make fat enter or leave a fat cell. These enzymes are sensitive to hormones
  • There are alpha receptors in the body, more alpha receptors means less blood flow to an area and more beta receptors means greater blood flow to an area
  • Fat gain or loss is about calories that is our diet and hormones
  • Many type of hormones impact fat gain anf fat loss. These are insulin, cortisol, oestrogen etc
  • These hormones have this impact because of their direct or indirect effects on the enzymes and receptors
  • Estrogen in the body increases the number and activity of alpha receptors
  • Female fat distribution where fat is stored in the lower body is primarily due to the impact of estrogen
  • Calories matter too. It is impossible to store fat regardless of hormonal action in a person whose diet is balanced and healthy

Types of fat

  • Fat stored just under the skin called subcutaneous fat
  • Fat stored deep in our middle area around our organs called the visceral fat
  • Fat stored in and around our muscles called intramuscular fat
  • Subcutaneous fat is far more stubborn compared to visceral fat
  • It is more reactive to insulin
  • It has lower blood supply
  • It has more alpha receptors

What do we need to do ?

  • In females, dieting makes stubborn fat more stubborn
  • This is because it has negative impact on metabolism and hormones
  • Steps to lose stubborn fat
  • Stop dieting
  • Eat a balanced diet and constantly work on your digestive health
  • Cycle your diet
  • Eat more when you’re more active and exercising
  • Eat less when you’re less active
  • This helps in building muscles and burn fat
  • Target the area with exercise to increase blood flow, gain strength and build strong muscles
  • Reduce stress in life

How to balance hormones ?

  • Look after your gut health
  • Eat slowly
  • More protein in diet than fibre
  • Exercise regularly
  • Build a sustainable routine
  • Avoid excess refined, processed and junk food
  • Sleep well, take good quality and quantity of sleep
  • Manage your stress, have more positive emotions
  • Be optimistic
  • Avoid under and over reacting
  • Be mindful and act consciously
  • Take omega 3 and eat more healthy fat (flax seeds, fish etc)

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