Tulsi Tea Recipe For Weight Loss & Reducing Stress

If you adore herbal and detox drinks as much as I do, you'll love the wonderfully refreshing and revitalizing "TULSI TEA."It is made of the miraculous plant, which is the most available item in Indian homes, and is enriched with so many nutrients and amazing health benefits. https://youtu.be/LX7C29EeL1k HEALTH BENEFITS Aids the body's stress response

“Mother of All Herbs” for Weight Loss & Managing Stress

“Tulsi” is known as the “Mother of All Herbs” for Weight Loss, Stress Management, and much more.Holy Basil or Tulsi is known as the most sacred plant on earth, and is worshipped by Hindu people.It is also considered as the "Mother Medicine of Nature."Holy Tulsi is frequently used in daily puja (worship), and is often