The Best Way To Eat Oats For Weight Loss

Oats are one of the healthiest grains to consume. They’re gluten free and are a great source of important vitamins, minerals, fibre and antioxidants. However, eating oats with the wrong food combination can make them an unhealthy choice which in turn can make oats unhealthy to eat. We’ll see in this article, what mistakes are generally made with oats.

Nutritional value of one serving of quick oats

 Men serving (40-45 grams)Women serving (25-30 grams)
Carbs26.5 grams16 grams
Protein6.8 grams4.2 grams
Fat2.5 grams1.7 grams

How do we generally consume oats

Our regular oatmeal bowl (nutritional information)

Food itemsCalories 
Quick oats 25 grams97156 (40 grams)
Handful nuts and seeds80112 (some dry fruits added)
1 cup milk (low fat)113149 (regular cow milk)
2 tbsp natural sweetner60 
Fresh fruit55 
Nut butter (optional)92 

What does our regular oatmeal bowl contain ?

  • 36 % quick oats
  • 39 % milk
  • 11 % fresh fruits
  • 8 % nuts and seeds
  • 5 % sweetner
  • 2 % flavour

How does this bowl make you fat ?

  • This bowl with all the addons have become a high calorie meal
  • Combination of nuts, milk and grains makes it heavy for the stomach to digest
  • Post eating effect can be laziness, heaviness and feeling low on energy
  • Eating store bought packaged and ready to eat oats have the following effect
    • Most of these packaged oats are extremely high in sugar
    • They contain unhealthy fat and a lot of preservatives
    • Most of these oats contain lot of added flavours
    • This category oats are highly processed

Changes you can make to your oatmeal bowl to make it healthy

  • Prepare oats in water or mix milk with water
  • Add only one type of nuts or seeds
  • Avoid adding dry fruits
  • Don’t add fresh fruits except bananas
  • Add flavours to your oats like cinnamon, cardamom, cocoa, dark chocolate, pure vanilla extract, gulkand or tumeric
  • Make oats with carrots
  • Add herbs and spices to increase digestibility
  • Prepare namkeen / savoury oats in water and lots of veggies
  • Cook oats with leftover dal
  • Use rolled oats instead of quick oats
  • Apart from oats add other grains options in your diet for breakfast
  • Instead of buying oats granola, prepare it at home

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  1. Hi mam , I want lose fat just by exercising and eating oats
    So can u please help me to make a shedule to eat oats for fat loss

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