Which Drinking Water Is The Best

Water is life. Water is needed by our body from digestion to removing toxins. From brain function to joint lubrication, from muscles to cells, from liver to lungs, almost all our body parts are dependent on water for their proper functioning. Upto 60 % human body is made of water. Brain and heart are upto 70 % water. Lungs are 80 % made of water. Despite almost all our body organs primarily being made of water, we still do not pay adequate attention to the water which we drink. Let’s figure with the help of some simple science as to which water is the best for you.

What are the possible reasons for water contamination ?

  • Physical contamination, soil, algae, other organic or inorganic particles.
  • Chemical contamination, toxins, heavy metals, nitrogen etc
  • Biological contamination with bacteria, parasites etc
  • Radiological contimination

To get rid of these contimination, we use various methods. Some of these are

  • Water filters
  • UV
  • UF Technology
  • Carbon blocks etc
  • RO or reverse osmosis which mostly removes all impurities and even minerals from the water
  • Boiling
  • Solar purification
  • Desalination which is used for sea water

We used three methods that are used in common households to test the purity of drinking water

  • TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) to test heavy metals and chemicals
  • PH tester, to test water acidity and alkaline
  • Electrolyser tester

We performed these tests on the following water

  • Tap water
  • RO water
  • Boiled water
  • Mineral water
  • Added mineral water

TDS experiment

  • A normal use, redily available TDS metre needs to dipped in water and held to take the reading
  • Result
Tap water121Good
RO water37Poor
Tap water boiled154Excellent
Bottled water36Poor
RO added mineral water66Good
  • The result showed that Boiled water was the best to drink, followed by tap water and then added mineral water

PH test

  • 3-4 drops of liquid is needed to be added in the water
  • After you stir, you’ll notice the colour change almost immediately
  • Result
Tap water7.6Neutral to alkaline
RO water6.6-7Neutral to slightly acidic
Tap water boiled9Alkaline
Bottled water6.6Acidic
RO added mineral water7.2Neutral to acidic

Electrolyser test

  • You just need to dip the rod in water and leave it for a few seconds, the results will start to show
  • Result
Tap waterMix of dark blue. Green and touch of yellowNot good
RO waterDark yellowGood
Tap water boiledLighter than tap waterOk
Bottled waterYellowGood

Overall Result

  • Boiled water turned out to be the best for drinking (store it in copper or clay pot for best results)

RO water has almost no minerals present

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