2 Week Diet Plan for Weight Loss

2 Week Diet Plan for Weight Loss

2 Weeks Indian Vegetarian Meal / Diet Plan For Weight Loss

With the sedimentary lifestyle that most of us lead it is very important to take care of our health. Along with a proper workout routine it is imperative to concentrate on eating right and healthy. Many of us opt for fad diets like keto, low carb, paleo and liquid diets. Some of us even completely eliminate particular food groups from our diet which is unhealthy as our body demands all food groups to stay healthy. This two weeks diet plan includes food from all major food groups. It is highly balanced and is comparatively easy to follow. With this diet plan you don’t need to make any separate weight loss plan. It is perfectly suited to anyone trying to lose weight. Feel free to make changes accordingly to the area where you live and your body type. For those of you who eat non vegetarian food, you can easily include some lean meat in your diet thrice a week.

Time restricted eating

  • Try and stick to the 14 / 10 time restricted eating
  • It’s very important to give adequate rest to your digestive system
  • To start with you can follow 14 / 10 method that is eating window of 10 hours and taking a break from solid food for 14 hours
  • This provides a intermittent cleanse to your digestive system for it to be up and running for the next day
  • Time restricted eating is possible only if you have your dinner early
  • Gradually you can look to move to intermittent fasting that is 16 hours of fasting and 8 hours of eating window in a day

Pre workout snack

  • Break your fast with one serving of fruits
  • This will act as your morning energiser
  • Morning is the best time to consume fruits

Key points

  • This diet plan is a calorie deficit diet plan
  • Include herbal tea once a day (post breakfast or lunch)
  • Include 2 servings of veggies daily
  • Add probiotics to your diet (dahi, apple cider vinegar, paneer)
  • Detox once a week (any day of the week)
  • Include 2 snacks (one main and other as morning energiser)
  • Add more healthy grains to your diet like ragi, bajra, jowar and makki
  • Adding leafy green seasonal vegetables to your diet is very important

The perfect plate

  • 1/2 of your plate should consist of seasonal vegetables like broccoli, carrots, spinach etc
  • 1/4 of your plate should consist of carbs like potato etc
  • 1/4 of your plate should consist of lean protein such as chicken, fish etc
  • We all know what a balanced meal should look like. The hard part is making it happen. Make sure you get the proportion size right

Portion size for snacks, main meal and healthy fat

  • As a guide you can use certain thumb rules
  • Snacks : portion should be equal to your size of your closed fist
  • Healthy fat : portion should be equal to the size of your thumb
  • Main meal : portion should be equal to the size of both your palms

Week 1

  Breakfast (1 quality protein) Lunch (1 serving of veggies must) Dinner (1 serving of veggies must)
Mon Besan chilla with mungdal stuffing Paneer sabzi with roti Soup, sabzi and multigrain roti
Tue Seasonal fruits Seasonal vegetables Mix veg soup
Wed Mix veg poha (with eggs) Multigrain roti sabzi Sweet oats daliya (carrot)
Thur Oats ragi chilla Dal roti / rice sabzi Soup paneer veggies roll
Fri HM oats granola Rajma chawal with veggies Veggies khicdi
Sat Aloo methi parantha Makki roti with saag Egg / soya curry and roti
Sun Cutlets (paneer, chanadal stuffing) Veg biryani with raita Bajre ki khicdi

Week 2

  Breakfast (Quality protein) Lunch (1 serving of veggies must) Dinner (1 serving of veggies must)
Mon Oats ragi chilla Mix veg pulao with gravy Palak paneer with roti
Tue Green smoothie Seasonal veggies Mix veg soup
Wed Bread eggs / paneer Paneer roll with veggies Soup multigrain khicdi
Thur Mix veg multigrain upma Palak chana dal rice Soup egg / soy curry with roti
Fri Besan mix roti (missiroti) Mung  dal roti / rice Sweet daliya / bajra khicdi
Sat Idli sambhar Bajra roti saag Green soup : paneer roll
Sun Aloo / pumpkin sabziwith puri Chole rice with raita Makki ki roti with saag
2 Weeks Indian Vegetarian Meal / Diet Plan For Weight Loss
2 Weeks Indian Vegetarian Meal / Diet Plan For Weight Loss

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  1. Hi Manju,
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    This is such a vague meal plan. As a nutritionist you should be providing the example meal plan with exact quantities , macros and calories to give an idea to the viewers.
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  5. A debt of gratitude is in order for sharing a lot of data! This will help me on my weight reduction venture.

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