Best Summer Bedtime Drinks

Bedtime drinks play a very important role in ensuring you get  sound sleep at night.   The summer bedtime drinks discussed here are simple yet very effective. Drinking any of these at bedtime or before bedtime will help you boost digestion and metabolism. Apart from these, they will also aid in improving the quality and quantity of sleep. These drinks also support weight loss and ensure you lose that extra belly fat quickly. These drinks work like magic to reduce health issues like bloating, inflammation or indigestion.

Gulkand milk

  • This milk aids in stimulating digestion, aids weight loss and helps burst stress
  • It is a rich source of antioxidants and also helps to detoxify the body
  • As a natural coolant, gulkand milk provides solutions for all heat related issues like fatigue, laziness, stomachache and mouth ulcers etc
  • It is also a great cure for any digestive issues
  • It aids the body metabolism as it reduces the acidity keeping your intestine away from ulcers and swelling
  • As gulkand had high amount  of antioxidants, it has anti inflammatory and anti microbial properties
  • It is a very good stress buster due to which it aids in getting sound sleep
  • It aids the heart and nervous system under control, reducing stress
  • Gulkand milk relieves the body from menstural bleeding, white discharge and other menstural disorders in women
  • Gulkand milk can be made using plant or dairy milk
  • This milk can be consumed at room temperature or slightly warm
  • You should ideally consume it 35-45 minutes before bedtime

Mint and fennel tea

  • Mint and fennel tea helps cure any digestive disorder
  • The menthol present in this tea helps relax muscles in the body
  • It aids in reducing stress and anxiety
  • Thus tea is very good to boost digestion and improve sleep
  • Other benefits
  • Provides sound sleep
  • Helps the brain to relax and reduce stress
  • Boosts immunity and metabolism
  • Is antibacterial and anti inflammatory in nature
  • Provides relief from menstural cramps
  • Helps fight cold and infection
  • Supports the weight loss process
  • Reduces the oxidative stress in the body
  • Helps cure constipation
  • Due to the presence of menthol, it is thought to stimulate vivid and pleasant dreams
  • You should ideally consume it 40-45 minutes before bedtime

Coconut water

  • Coconut water is brimming with magnesium and potassium, both these minerals have relaxing effect on the body
  • These help in calming the body and allowing for easier and comfortable sleep
  • Moreover, coconut water contains vitamin B, which is known for reducing stress levels in the body
  • Drinking coconut water at bedtime helps in flusing out all the toxins from the body
  • It aids in cleaning the urinary tract preventing infections and possible kidney problems

High Protein Golden Milk Shake

  • Consuming turmeric and sattu mikk shake as high protein golden milk shake as numerous health benefits
  • It helps reduce night cravings, relaxes brain and muscles in the body
  • Troptophan found in this shake helps improve the quality of sleep in the body
  • This drink has numerous other health benefits as well
  • It should ideally be consumed 1-2 hours before bed time

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