Chia Mango Pudding

Who says no to puddings and sweets?

I don’t skip the chance when I am offered a yummy pudding and now you will do the same as well!

Here’s the healthy, nutritious, and delicious “Chia Pudding Recipe” made up with the goodness of mangoes, milk, oats, and chia seeds.

This recipe is best for breakfast as well as dessert too.

You should definitely try this recipe to experience the delicious pudding and at the very same time feeding your body with loads of nutrition.

It is very easy to make this and doesn’t require much of the time and efforts.

It offers a variety of health benefits such as:

1. It helps control blood sugar levels.

2. Prevents the risk of coronary heart disease and improves cholesterol levels.

3. It boosts immunity.

4. Supports digestive health.

5. Helps reduce hypertension and stress.


Serves: 1-2

Calories: 232 Kcal/ serve


1.Chia Seeds1 tbsp.
2.Coconut milk/Cow milk1 cup
3.Honey2-3 tsp.
4.Quick Oats1.5 tbsp.
5.Mango pulp1 cup
6.Chopped Mango¼ cup
6.Homemade Granola2 tbsp. (optional)
7.Raw turmericSmall piece

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  1. In a bowl, add chia seeds, and milk and stir well.
  2. Add 1 tbsp. of quick oats to the bowl.
  3. Now add half the amount of honey taken. (1-1.5 tsp.)
  4. And let this mixture rest for some time.

PART-2: Mango Puree.

  1. In a blender, add chopped mango, raw turmeric, and the rest of the honey (1 tsp.).
  2. Blend well into a paste or puree.

PART-3 (Assembling)

  1. Take a bowl or a jar, add homemade granola to the bottom of it, and then add chopped mango.
  2. Now fill the jar with the chia seeds+ milk+ quick oats mixture.
  3. Even out the surface and then add the mango honey turmeric paste.
  4. You can top it with some granola and chopped mangoes and mango paste.

And your delicious chia pudding is ready to eat.

You can consume it immediately or the other day as per your wish.


All in all, Chia pudding is an amazing blend of nutrients as it contains essential, easily accessible, and nutritious ingredients.

  • Chia seeds are not only a good source of protein but omega-3 fatty acids and fiber as well. It is also packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.
  • Oats are rich in fiber and antioxidants and have amazing satiety properties.
  • Mango is jam-packed with essential vitamins and minerals including folate, Vitamin- A, Vitamin-C, Vitamin- K, potassium, magnesium, beta carotene, etc.
  • Milk is also a good source of calcium and Vitamin D.
464 Kcal62 g8.6 g21.9 g

Calories: 232 Kcal/ serve Try this amazingly nutritious and delicious “Chia pudding” rich in nutrients and flavors.

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