February Weight Loss Challenge

In this month’s weight loss challenge, our focus will be on boosting our digestion and directly targeting the beely fat. February weight loss challenge is all about the gut health and metabolism to promote healthy fat loss. It will also include learning about the basic diet and workout strategies to improve our digestive health. This challenge includes best strategies or steps you can adopt to make sure you stay on the path of your weight loss journey.

February diet challenge for improving digestion

  • Sugar detox for minimum 1 week to maximum one month
  • Avoid any visible sugar like white sugar, jaggery and palm sugar etc
  • Avoid products with sugar in it like cereals, biscuits, namkeen and bakery items etc
  • You can consume 1-3 fruits daily
  • This will help improve the gut flora and the healthy bacteria in the gut
  • Include pre and probiotics in your diet
  • Include grains, pulses and vegetables in your diet
  • Fermented food like curd, buttermilk, idli, dosa, apple cider vinegar, fermented vegetable etc are extremely good for your gut
  • As we’ve discussed earlier, continue with the single ingredient food shopping
  • Buy only food items that has single ingredient in it
  • Eg, buy plain oats instead of oats cereal
  • Stay hydrated to maintain electrolyte balance
  • Perform weekly detox, follow fruit veggies detox diet
  • Include daily healthy herbal teas in your diet

February workout challenge

  • Walk atleast 8000 steps daily
  • Carry out 30-40 minutes dedicated workout 5-6 days a week
  • Perform short tabata workout (2 sets), preferably in the morning while you’re empty stomach
  • Make sure you do a short walk of 1000 steps post every main meal
  • Don’t miss your workout on two consecutive days
  • Perform strength training 2-3 days in a week
  • Follow the progressive uploading or benchmark method to challenge yourself
  • Try to test your limits with improved workout sessions

February stress busting and better sleep challenge

  • Maintain a gratitude journal / diary
  • Show gratitude and be thankful when you start to eat
  • Watch your thoughts and emotions
  • Your emotional and feelings are directly related to your digestive health
  • Perform 5-10 minutes of meditation everyday
  • Do deep breathing to calm and relax your brain
  • Keep a dumping zone to write down ideas, thoughts and plans that are occupying space in your brain
  • Tackle the dumping zone list on a weekly basis
  • Make sure you do 4-5 hours of daily social media and digital detox
  • No gadgets for minimum 1 hour before bedtime
  • Try to create more free time for yourself
  • Organise your space to declutter your mind

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