February Weight Loss Diet Plan

Have you taken up our February challenge to lose weight ? If yes, here is the weight loss diet plan for February. This is a 2 weeks Indian meal plan consisting of 1300-1400 calories and designed to lose weight. This easy to follow diet plan has been designed to help you achieve your weight loss goals. With this diet plan, you can have a balanced and nutritious diet on a daily basis. This plan is slightly low on carbs and high on protein. It is best suited for anyone trying to live a healthy life and lose weight as well. This diet plan consists of all major food groups.

Highlights of February weight loss challenge

  • Focus on improving digestion to boost metabolism and weight loss
  • Minimum 1 week to 1 month complete sugar detox
  • Buy only single ingredient food
  • Increase consumption of fruits while doing sugar detox
  • Eat lots of vegetables and stay hydrated
  • Weekly detox, consume only fruits and vegetables for one day
  • Daily detox water including probiotics
  • Intermittent fasting window 13 : 11 (minimum 13 hours of fasting)
  • Detox drink as morning drink to energise yourself
  • Open your feeding window with 5-8 almonds / 2 walnuts, with 5-6 raisins and 2 figs
  • Add more prebiotics and probiotics to your diet
  • Further details :-
  • Morning snack serving of 80-100 grams
  • Evening herbal tea with homemade snacks
  • Probiotics in lunch : curd, buttermilk, fermented idli, dosa, uttapam etc
  • Fermented veggies like sauerkraut and pickles with veggies as side
  • This is a 1300-1400 calories diet plan with each meal approx 300-350 calories

First Week

MonOats chilla  (paneer stuffed)FruitsKala chana curry with sabzi, roti and buttermilkHerbal tea with roasted peanutsBajra mix veg khichadi
TueMix veg upmaFruitsRagi roti with dal, sabzi and buttermilkHerbal tea with phool makhanaMix veg daliya with grilled tofu
WedSteamed sprouts and veggies mixFruitsMix veg paneer pulao with salad and raitaHerbal tea with sweet potatoMix veg lentil soup
ThrusDetox juiceFruits / coconut waterMix veg saladGreen / herbal teaVeg stew or soup
FriRagi chillaFruitsMakki roti with saag and carrot raitaGreen / herbal tea with mixed seedsGrilled paneer and 2 cups veggies
SatIdli sambharFruitsRajma curry with rice, salad and raitaGreen / herbal tea with roasted peanutsMatar mushroom with roti and salad
SunMultigrain paranthaFruitsLove mealGreen / herbal teaMoong dal mix veg khichadi

Second Week

MonBesan chilla  with veggiesFruitsLobia curry with sabzi, roti / rice and curdGreen / herbal tea with murmure namkeenMulti grain daliya with sabzi
TueOats banana smoothie (no sweetner)FruitsSprouts veg salad with buttermilkGreen / herbal tea with poha namkeenGrilled paneer wrap with salad and tomato soup
WedMix veg pohaFruitsBajra roti with saag, salad and raitaGreen / herbal tea with sweet potatoQuinoa mix veg khichadi
ThrusDetox juiceFruits / coconut waterMix veg saladGreen / herbal teaVeg stew or soup
FriMoong dal chillaFruitsKala chana mix veg with rice, salad and raitaGreen / herbal tea with popcornGrilled tofu / paneer with 2 cups veggies
SatDosa chutneyFruitsChole curry with rice, salad and buttermilkGreen / herbal tea with roasted mixed seedsSoya chunk curry with roti and salad
SunPaneer paranthaFruitsLove mealGreen / herbal teaMix veg lentil soup

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  1. I love your Chanel.I watch regularly but not tried yet .Now I am going to follow wt loss schedule.because I am overweight with lots of complications health isshu.,

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