Flax Seeds For Hormonal Balance And Weight Loss

Flax seeds are another miracle seeds which are mostly consumed in the winters. These tiny red seeds have magical effect on your hormonal balance, weight loss, immunity, hair growth and skin. These seeds are extensively mentioned in ayurveda for being beneficial in many health conditions including postpartum. However, a vast majority of people don’t know how to consume them. Flax seeds are also called alsi.

Nuritional Value of 1 tbsp flax seeds

Calories                  :                  55

Carbs                     :                  3 grams

Fiber                      :                  2.8 grams

Protein                   :                  2 grams

Fat                        :                  4.2 grams

Nutritional Valve of 1 tbsp ground / powder

Calories                  :                  37

Carbs                     :                  2 grams

Fiber                      :                  1.9 grams

Protein                   :                  1.5 grams

Fat                        :                  3 grams

Health benefits of flax seeds

  • They are very high in fiber containing 60-80 % soluble and 20-40 % insoluble fiber
  • Flax seeds supports good gut bacteria
  • It supresses hunger
  • Flax seeds have laxative properties
  • Flax seeds help prevent constipation
  • They help improve digestive health
  • Flax seeds help reduce bloodm sugar and aids in weight loss as well

Other health benefits

  • Flax seeds are very high in protein
  • They are good for the heart, support immunity and thus help you stay healthy
  • Flaz seed are the richest source of plant based omega 3
  • They are the richest source of Alpha Linolenic Acid (ALA)
  • Flax seeds help reduce inflammation and also reduce bad cholesterol
  • Flax seeds are rich in lignans which is an antioxidant and similar to the female hormone estrogen
  • Lignan gets fermented in the stomach and has various benefits especially for hormonal balance in females
  • Flax seeds may help control blood pressure in the body
  • They may reduce the symptoms of asthma and arthiritis
  • Flax seeds are also known to ease out the symptoms of menopause
  • Flax seeds can be consumed post pregnancy to increase breastmilk
  • Flax seeds are known to contain cancer fighting compounds

Ayurvedic properties

  • Flax seeds are heavy, sticky and slimy
  • By nature they are warm
  • They taste katu or pungent after digestion
  • They help balance vaat and neutralise pitta

Thyroid effects and solution

  • Flax seeds have plant compounds called goitrogen
  • These contain phytic acid which might restrict the absorption of nutrients like zinc, calcium, iodine and copper
  • The solution is to always have flax seeds roasted and in ground form
  • Phytic acid is also heat sensitive so should be avoided to be consumed in large quantity

How to consume flax seeds ?

  • Always roast them and have them in ground or powder form
  • Ground the flax seeds in smallm portion and make sure you finish them in 10-15 days
  • You can store them in the fridge
  • As a beginner, you should start with 1/2 to 1 tsp
  • It is safe to consume upto 1 tbsp
  • You can also consume these in the sprouted form
  • For hormonal balance, these should be consmed in the 1st phase of the menstural cycle
  • Flax seeds are best consumed in winters, consumption should be reduced to half in summers
  • Don’t consume flax seeds with water
  • Increase your water consumption to avoid any side effects

Possible side effects

  • Beware of allergies, wheezing, swelling, rashes, mouth ulcers etc
  • Excess consumption might lead to bloating, gas, cramps and abdominal pain
  • Avoid flax seeds if you’re on a blood thinning medication
  • If you’re on any other medication, you should consult your physician
  • Never heat flax oil, it will turn toxic due to changes in the fat structure
  • Avoid flax seeds during heavy periods

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  1. I want to connect with your email I.D for better eating habits , my family members suffering from hormonal imbalance . and further issues, how to weight gain naturally. without any medicine , your suggestions are interesting , I do not know how to grow sprouts at home? kindly suggest. I want to do research on food supplements. so sorry to bother you

  2. Madam, is it safe and recomonded to soak 1 table spoon and one spoon Methidana in one glass of water overnight and take it in the morning? Pl.let me know.

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