Food Combinations To Avoid In Winters

Biggest fat loss mistakes include mixing up foods which you shouldn’t. Eating healthy food combination is paramount to improve your digestion, boost food metabolism and enhance nutrition absorption. Let’s look at some of the food combinations which you should avoid to maintain good digestive health.

Why is food combination important?

  • Good food combination improves digestion and nutritional absorption
  • It can reduce bloating, gas, acidity and IBS
  • Good food combination improves enzyme functioning in the body
  • As per ayurveda, it helps eliminate toxin built up in the body
  • It promotes healthy weight loss

Food combinations you should avoid in winters

  • Curd with parantha and lassi
  • Oily food when paired with curd slow down your digestion and makes you feel lazy throughout the day
  • It slows down the body’s rhythm making you unproductive
  • This invariably causes weight gain in the body
  • Raw nuts and seeds with meal
  • Raw nuts and seeds play havoc with your digestive system when mixed with the main meal
  • Have your nuts and seeds separately with luke warm water preferably in the morning
  • Tea or coffee with meal
  • Tea leaves are acidic and will affect the digestive process
  • If you consume protein in the meal, acid from tea will harden the protein content, making it difficult to digest
  • Drinking tea after a meal interferes with nutrient absorption
  • Fruits with meal
  • Fruits should be eaten 40 minutes to an hour before or after a meal
  • Fruits will not be digested properly if you eat them directly after a meal
  • Sweet fruit with acidic fruit
  • Consumed together, it can lead to indigestion and weight gain
  • Excess fat with protein
  • Leads to indigestion, bloating and gas
  • Water with meal
  • Water along with meals is one of the worst food combinations
  • Water tends to dilute stomach acids, which are essential for digesting the food that you eat
  • This can get difficult for your stomach and make it far more to digest the food
  • Fruits with yogurt
  • When acid from the fruits comes in contact with the protein in yogurt, it not only affects the digestive fibres but it also makes it toxic
  • This toxic combination can lead to food allergies too
  • Sweets with alcohol
  • Alcohol tends to convert the sugar into saturated fats, which can get easily accumulated in the body
  • Eating green vegetables may be a better choice
  • Avoid the following things in winters
  • Don’t reheat food again and again
  • Warm potency food items should not be mixed with cold potency food articles
  • Food that are cold in potency and greasy in character are wrong food combination

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