Effective Tips For Permanent Weight Loss

There are some very basic things which all of us can do to stay in our ideal weight. These are not random tips but are based on actual scientific reasoning. These simple tips are effective because they are easy to do and very effective as well. They help you to stay fit and maintain your weight.

Don’t count calories

  • Counting calories doesn’t really help you in the long run
  • Instead, count macros and their quality
  • Which means, instead of focusing on your calories, focus on how much protein, fat and carbs are you consuming
  • You should include about 20-25 grams protein per meal and up to 5 grams fat

Develop a weight loss system

  • Develop multiple stimuli which help you to lose weight
  • There a number of good habits which result in good routine and thus a good schedule
  • Maintaining a good routine and schedule will invariably result in you maintaining ideal weight
  • Make sure you’re living healthy and spend your time being productive

Boost your metabolism

  • There are four basic pillars of metabolism
  • Thyroid (include iodine, zinc, selenium, whole grain, nuts, lentils and legumes in your diet)
  • Maintain good gut health
  • Get good quality and quantity of sleep
  • Make sure your stress levels stay down
  • Your metabolism depends on the following
  • What you eat, also called thermogenic effect of feeding
  • Your physical exercise level
  • And non exercise activity
  • Concentrate on these aspects to boost your metabolism and stay healthy

Intermittent fasting

  • Intermittent fasting is a method of eating
  • There are time slots when you eat and when stay off food
  • Try out intermittent fasting, it has a number of useful benefits
  • Before indulging in rigorous intermittent fasting, make sure you understand which type and time zone suits you

Limit food accessibility

  • Don’t keep food in too much proximity
  • Make sure you’ve gotta to make effort to get to the readily edible snacks
  • Stock up on recipes which are healthy
  • These recipes should include all healthy food including food like spinach, paneer, tofu and oats etc
  • There are a number of healthy recipes which are available on our recipe channel called ‘FitFoodFlavours’

Self monitoring

  • Self monitoring is probably the most important aspect of achieving permanent weight loss
  • Keep a record of what you’re consuming
  • Record and analyse your eating habits to exercise self control
  • Get a feedback on your lifestyle and eating habits and make adjustments accordingly

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