Best PCOS PCOD workout at home

Do these exercises for maintaining your hormonal balance. Due to imbalance in the hormones, small cysts can form in the ovaries. These cysts can be the result of changes in the menstrual cycle because of which the ovaries become large and they produce larger amounts of androgen and estrogenic hormones.

Cat and camel pose

  • Come onto your hands and knees making sure your hands are under your shoulders, your knees are under your hips and your back is in a neutral position
  • Cat
  • Sink your back towards the floor and lift your head up  at the same time
  • Stick your tailbone out to make a curve with your spine
  • Take a deep breath out at the same time
  • Camel
  • Tuck your head and tailbone in arching through your spine as a mimic a camel hump
  • Take a big breath in at the same time

Butterfly pose

  • Come to a seated postion and bring the soles of your feet together
  • Keep the spine tall and abs pulled in tight
  • Grab hold of each foot with your hands and place elbows against your inner thighs
  • Keep your spone long, inhale to prepare and as you exhale, slowing lower your torso forward pausing when you feel the stretch
  • Hold for 30 seconds or more

Locust pose

  • Begin on your belly with your feet together and your hands reaching back, palms down
  • Extend your big toes straight back and press down with all ten toenails to activate your quadriceps
  • Rotate your inner thighs to the ceiling to broaden your lower back
  • Keeping your hands lightly on the mat, raise your head and chest and your legs
  • Roll your shoulders back and up away from the floor
  • Keep the back of your neck long and emphasize lifting your sternum and not your chin
  • Slowly release to come out of the pose

Bow pose

  • Lie on your belly with a blanket under your pelvis
  • Press all of your toes into the floor and bend your knees, keeping the toes active
  • Grab the outer edges of your ankles with your hands and flex your feet strongly
  • On inhalation, lift your rib cage towards your ears, on exhalation, lengthen your tailbone and kick your legs back into your hands
  • Now lift your head and gaze forward
  • Stay lifted for 5 breaths

Churning the mill pose

  • Get on the yoga mat and bring your leg straight in front of the body
  • Lock your fingers and bring your hands in front of your chest
  • Hold your arms straight horizontal throughout the practice, avoid bending your elbows
  • Now bend forward while assuming that you’re churning a mill with a quaint stone grinder
  • Turn to the right and lean back as much as you can
  • In forward rotation, put your arms and hands  to one side, over your left toes
  • One rotation is one round, do atleast 5 to 10 rotations clockwise and then in anti clock wise direction

Goddess pose

  • Release from the side bend and as you inhale come to stand with feet wide apart
  • Facing the mat, bend your knees and throw the arms out at shoulder level while bending the elbow
  • Inhale and bend both knees taking the hips downwards
  • Inhale again and as you exhale, bend your elbows and open all fingers while placing the palms facing in front to go into goddess pose
  • Stay for 6 breaths to bring the breath under control and do the same on the other side

Butterfly crunch

  • Lie on your back with your hands behind your head and the soles of your feet touching, so as your legs form a diamond
  • Tuck your chin towards your chest and then on exhale pull your ribs down
  • Keeping the back flat and abs tight slowly lower back to the floor

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